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Policies for Examinees

DASCA practices stringent policies that not only help maintain the sanctity and credibility of its internationally renowned examinations, but also ensure that a fair, objective and empathetic approach is pursued while evaluating applicants' fitness for award of the credentials. These policies can be read in detail in the DASCA Registrant Handbook, and some of the most important policy areas for examinees to make note of are mentioned below.

  • Examination Reappear Policy +
  • Examination Reapply Policy +
  • Examinee Conduct Policy +
  • Examinee Appeals +
  • Audit Policy +
Candidate Testing Policies

Candidate Testing Policies

  • Special Assistance Facilities (SAFs) +
  • Exam Scoring +
  • Exam Scheduling Policy +
  • Reschedule Policy +
  • Cancellation Policy +
  • Examinee ID Policy +

Exam Development

DASCA exams are built by the industry, for the industry. We create the content for our exams through a combination of industry-wide survey feedback and contributions from our team of volunteer subject matter experts. The result is a rigorous exam development process comprising thousands of hours of effort and final exams that exceed expected industry knowledge standards.

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Exam Development
Exam Security

Exam Security

DASCA takes the security of our certification exams very seriously. One of our primary goals is to ensure the highest degree of integrity in our exam content and fairness for all candidates taking DASCA Certification exams.

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