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Partnership Spinoffs

Being a DASCA partner organization or institution means dealing with the world's best Big Data Certifications of DASCA. Big Data training is a burgeoning industry worldwide, and DASCA's rapidly growing prominence in Big Data profession development lends several automatic and unrivalled business advantages to its ally and partner organizations:

  • 1.

    Access to International Big Data Knowledge & Training Standards:

    DASCA partnership helps a partner organization access the world's first, only, and the most rigorous, 3rd party knowledge body for the Big Data profession–the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™). It also enables a partner organization access systems, content, and architectures of the world's most rigorous Big Data training programs benchmarked on the DASCA-EKF™, Release 11-1.3–which means that the organization, through its partnership with DASCA, can actually roll out exactly the same international training programs that are on offer across the world– and in quick time of 60 days from start to finish.

  • 2.

    The CONTENT & KNOWLEDGE Advantage:

    DASCA is the only 3rd party organization in the world that has globally accepted, tested, practiced, and circulated knowledge framework and learning material related to Big Data. This includes books, training material, and other learning aids. In fact all DASCA–recognized universities or institutions now get exclusive access to books and material published by Wiley. This “CONTENT” advantage means that a DASCA partner organization or institution starts world-class on training content and does not invest time and capital on development of its own training material.

  • 3.

    The WORLDCLASS Advantage:

    A DASCA partner organization or institution gets automatic, immediate access to the world's best training programs, curricula, training content, books, instructors' material, business processes, and marketing assistance. This “world-class” translates into starting big, right, and with the tried and tested.

  • 4.

    The Brand Advantage:

    DASCA is set for becoming the world's top brand in Big Data qualifications, certifications, and capacity development. This brand advantage will generate a quick “pull” on the market– and again – translates into starting out as a leader and as an established brand.

  • 5.

    The MINDSHARE Advantage:

    DASCA's international leadership status and number one brand status gives it the largest mind–share among Big Data policy makers, governments, Big Data companies, and professionals globally. For a DASCA partner organization or institution, this “MINDSHARE” advantage translates into starting out from a position of strength and with much lesser marketing efforts required for generating the first sales. So with DASCA, a partner organization is never a start–up, because it has the head start advantage.

  • 6.

    The CERTIFICATIONS Advantage:

    Most Big Data stakeholders worldwide suffer from one critical disadvantage – not having any credible 3rd party credential backing up their programs! A DASCA partner organization or institution stands at a distinct advantage here, as they are dealing with the world's most renowned set of certifications in Big Data delivered on the ExamStrong's advanced test-delivery ecosystem - which is the world's largest of its kind specializing in certification-exam deliveries for prestigious international standards bodies and government credentialing agencies worldwide across 180+ countries.

  • 7.

    The OPERATIONS Advantage:

    All DASCA partners enjoy world-class and comprehensive DASCA partner assistance and support services founded on a robust Partner Assistance system.

  • 8.

    Surest Entry into Big Data Training Business:

    An organization or an institution having a partnership with DASCA adds the highly lucrative Big Data training and certification in its business portfolio more conveniently. This facilitates networking with local industry.

  • 9.


    Becoming a DASCA partner organization or institution now has become a single–channel, 15–day affair, with exceedingly fast and prompt processing of applications and validations etc., handled deftly by expert international teams of Edvantic worldwide network, the world leader in business support for credentialing industry. More importantly perhaps, becoming a DASCA partner organization or institution does NOT mean sinking or locking thousands of dollars in license fee etc., as it happens in other franchising or partner models where principals charge huge sums. DASCA does not CHARGE any license fee now. Instead, DASCA requires partner-organizations to buy in advance specific numbers of DASCA Certification Vouchers and charges nominal amounts as the application processing fee and the annual services fee.


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