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Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE™) Certification

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Associate Big Data Engineer Certification

Tailored for Big Data Engineers Looking to Build the Data Prowess

Born as an eminent credential across the globe, the ABDE™ certification combines the best of industry and business methodologies that make you ready for the most complex job roles in the data science industry.

Globally Renowned

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is vendor-neutral and deemed as one of the world’s credible third-party credentialing bodies. DASCA certification programs enable you to achieve the set goals at your own pace. The ABDE™ certification provides highly immersive learning journey to realize your promise and potential.

DASCA Associate Big Data Engineer Certification

Built on A Robust Knowledge Framework

The ABDE™ is developed around the most powerful Data Science essential knowledge framework (DASCA-EKF™) – a framework that validates ABDE™ certification holders in 5 essential knowledge dimensions and 30 core professional knowledge topics.

DASCA-EKF™ is the world’s first and the only research-curated professional excellence assurance model for the Data Science profession today.

Robust Knowledge Framework
Learning Resources

The ABDE™ Learning Resources for Big Data Engineers

DASCA provides the official certification preparation kit for individuals registered for the ABDE™ credential. These learning resources help aspiring professionals become industry-ready and affirm their expertise in big data engineering. This DASCA official exam preparation kit consists of:

  • 01Printed ABDE™ Handbook 1: Foundations of Big Data Engineering
  • 02Printed ABDE™ Handbook 2: Advanced Big Data Engineering
  • 03Online Learning and Preparation Resources

Who Should Enroll

  • Work Experience

    Experience is not mandatory, but a basic proficiency in using Python/ JAVA or any other programming language is desirable

  • Bachelor’s degree

    In Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines


ABDE™ Examination Coverage

  • 15%

    Foundational Data Science

  • 20%

    Data Processing Framework & Hadoop

  • 06%

    Big Data Analytics Basics

  • 12%

    R and Hadoop Applications

  • 17%

    Analytics in Machine Learning and Ai

  • 05%

    Streaming Data Storage

  • 05%

    Streaming Data Architectures

  • 08%

    Streaming & Batch Data Processing

  • 12%

    Enterprise Data Analytics Implementation

A Few Global Companies where ABDE™ Certified
Professionals Work

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The ABDE™ certification process

  • 01
    Check Eligibility Requirements
  • 02
    Fill Online Application
  • 03
  • 04
    ABDE™ Certification Preparation Material
  • 05
    Taking the ABDE™ Certification Exam
  • 06
    Digital Award

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