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DASCA Data Science Credentials

Landing the best of Big Data jobs, or starting out and growing right in your Data Science career today demands assuring employers about your capabilities, promise, and potential of being a complete professional with comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals as well as the leading-edge in your chosen Data Science domain. In fact, even if you dream of hatching out a successful Data Science start-up; an international Data Science Credential doesn’t just stack you up rightly in terms of knowledge and exposure to industry, best-practices, and standards; it also helps inspire potential investors and partners.

DASCA Credentials are based on the world’s most comprehensive and rigorous Data Science Body of Knowledge (DASCA DSBoK™), fleshed around the seminal Data Science Essential Knowledge Framework – the EKF™. DASCA Certifications validate and test credential–holders in over 30 profession–critical knowledge vectors along the five EKF™ essential-knowledge prongs. Nothing else adds a bigger, most international edge to the employability of professionals for the international Data Science industry that needs 5 million workers in 2017 alone.

We live in a world awash with data. Data is proliferating at an astonishing rate—we have more and more data all the time, and much of it was collected in order to improve decisions about some aspect of business, government, or society. If we can’t turn that data into better decision making through quantitative analysis, we are both wasting data and probably creating suboptimal performance.

Thomas H. Davenport
Professor Babson College

Make it Big in Big Data!

Data Science technology stables, Big Data consulting outfits, IT training companies, leading universities, business schools, higher education institutions, and government ICT academies – all are adding to the rapidly swelling DASCA worldwide network.

Universities & Institutions

The DASCA Accreditation program elevates accredited institutions into global prominence. They turn into leading-edge Data Science educators by embedding DASCA certifications in their academic programs.

  • Attract bigger employers to the campus for hiring, outreach, and exchange
  • Expand & multiply employability of students from multiple majors in Data Science
  • Establish an on-campus International Center for Data Sciences

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Big Data & IT Companies

With the world needing some 5 million Data Science professionals this year alone, it's a war for talent, not easy to win at all. Partnering DASCA for in-house credentialing of your Data Science staffers is a bright idea!

  • Align your talent development programs with the robust DASCA-EKF™ knowledge framework
  • Deploy world-class DASCA training kits for training your staffers
  • Access the DASCA Credentialing apparatus for anytime credentialing of your workforce

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Tech-Training Companies

Training and education in Data Science is poised to touch USD 5.00 bn by 2018 end! Joining the worldwide DASCA Training Network can help a training company really scale up big and expand multifold fast.

  • Stamp your class as a leading–edge trainer in Big Data analytics and Big Data engineering
  • Grow Fast & multiply your revenue streams with full content support
  • Join the DASCA global league of world’s top training companies

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Students and alumni of DASCA-accredited universities and colleges enjoy rare privileges. Is your institution DASCA-Accredited yet? If your university or college offers programs in Software Engineering/ Business/ Information Technology/ Computer Science/ Mathematics or similar disciplines then get DASCA-accredited. Your students will QualiFLY really fly easy, safe, and fast right to their chosen DASCA Credential, and a great Data Science career!

QualiFLY is a DASCA program under which, if you have a degree or a qualification from any of DASCA-accredited institutions, the regulation/ standard candidacy norms for DASCA certifications relax appreciably for you. And which means: as a QualiFLY applicant, you can earn your chosen DASCA certification (big data analytics/ big data engineering/ data scientist) faster and at privileged fee.

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Learning & Exam-Prep Resources

Learning & Exam-Prep Resources

Designed exactly along the DASCA DSBoK™, the certification exam preparation kits of DASCA contain knowledge fleshed out around the groundbreaking DASCA-EKF™. These Official DASCA Certification Preparation kits, provided complimentary to registrants of all DASCA programs, do not only help them study and prepare for their certification exams, but also serve as lifelong friends during the course of their careers. The world’s first and the most authoritative learning resources ever prepared for Data Science on neutral knowledge-frameworks, these kits contain texts and reference books, laboratory practice manuals, and digital learning resources filling up a long-felt void on reliable, researched, and insightful knowledge in the discipline.

If you desire to contribute to the DASCA efforts on building up a world-class repository of knowledge on various aspects of Data Science, do write to us.



You can take your 100% computer-based DASCA certification exam online, and take it right in your city, in any of our well-equipped test centers managed by world’s leading testing platforms and agencies! Exclusive, dedicated test centers are also arranged for DASCA partner-organizations upon request. Currently, DASCA exams are delivered in English across 180+ countries covering all major cities and business locations. Read more on DASCA certification exams here. If you have some queries for us, do write into us at exam@dasca.org

Read more on DASCA Certification examinations here.

If you have some queries for us, do write to us

  • From online practice tests to high-stakes, proctored exams that require the industry's most secure testing environments, — and much more.

  • 180+


Afia. Ji. Chloe & ABDE™

They come from three corners of the world, and yet don't know each other. Ji Huang is from Dalian, China; Begam Afia from Accra in Ghana; and Chloe Akinyi is from Mombasa in Kenya.

Afia. Ji. Chloe & ABDE™


Meet the Anaconda

His bulging left arm isn't for the fainthearted. A graduate of the State Engineering University of Yerevan, Yuri Balendin is on the SBDE™.

Meet the Anaconda


The Double Whammy

A PhD in Mathematics, Dr. Christopher Afolabi is now an expert in Decision Science and teaches courses in Business Statistics and Information Design in a Kenyan university run by the Catholic Church.

The Double Whammy


Ten Dreamers of Bengaluru

Nine others in his band are full geeks. But Mayank Jaysimha is three quarters geek and one quarter wannbe Scientologist (sic!), just in case.

Ten Dreamers of Bengaluru


Red, But Hot Too!

His English is only a tad better than Mr Obama's Mandarin. But his command on R rivals Rafael Nadal's testing crosscourt smashes.

Red But Hot Too


Dark Knowledge, but Shining

Nick Anderson had actually arrived quite early on the Big Data show–in late 80s.

Dark Knowledge but Shining



Earning a DASCA credential for yourself or for your company, or growing your business as a DASCA partner is a matter of great pride. But ensuring your journey with DASCA is full of the joys of convenience and speed is a priority for us too. CredForce, the world leader in Credentialing services, manages the DASCA experience for all DASCA registrants, alumni, clients, partners and associates. Warmest, promptest customer support; smoothest, real-time connectivity across all DASCA partners including The Wharton School; fastest shipping of study-kits and DASCA credentialing suites around the world – these and many other pieces of DASCA credentialing logistics controlled by CredForce assure the joys of convenience for you.

If you have some queries for us, do write into us.

  • CredForce controls and manages the DASCA global partner network as well as the entire credentialing logistics including mission-critical aspects like production of worldclass knowledgeware; provision of online learning and testing facilities; management of online registrations, payment and digital badging for all DASCA Data Science certification programs. CredForce manages DASCA operations through its globally distributed ecosystem with a network of delivery hubs in Austin, Philadelphia, Gurgaon, London, Bangalore, Singapore, Cape Town, Glasgow and Mumbai.