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Big Data Analytics Certifications

The DASCA Big Data Analytics Certifications are among the most prestigious credentials internationally for today’s market researchers, marketers and business graduates aspiring to enter or accelerate their growth in the highly lucrative Big Data Analytics profession.

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The Big Data Analyst credentialing track of the Data Science Council of America addresses the credentialing requirements of trained professionals who specialize in managing the life–cycle of analyzing Big Data using advanced analytics tools and techniques on common Big Data software and platforms.

The Big Data Analytics Track

Certifications in this Track

DASCA offers two levels of global certification programs in the Big Data Analyst Track: The Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA™) Credential and the Senior Big Data Analyst (SBDA™) Credential. The Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA™) Credential is intended for graduating students with majors in business, management, economics, statistics, or similar disciplines, who are looking to pursue an analytics career in the Big Data space. The Senior Big Data Analyst (SBDA™) Credential is designed for experienced analytics, marketing, and research professionals who wish to move into the Big Data space, and for professionals who are already working in the area and want to grow faster in their careers. The ABDA™ and SBDA™ Credentials are awarded to applicants who have successfully passed the DASCA online examinations for these certifications, configured around the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework™. These examinations are managed and delivered entirely by DASCA across 180+ countries.


Registrations are open now for the spanking new ABDA™ and SBDA™ version marked to the updated DASCA-DSBoK™ Ver 11-4.4.

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Associate Big Data Analyst
  • The robust qualification to start a Big Data Analytics career
  • For students graduating with a degree in Business, Management, Statistics, Economics, Marketing, Applied Mathematics, or a similar discipline
  • Complete Exam Preparation Kit provided
  • Available in 180+ countries
  • 100–minute online examination administered by DASCA
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Senior Big Data Analyst
  • Grow faster in your Big Data Analytics career
  • For professionals with 2+ years of experience in Data Analytics, Market Research, and similar functions
  • Complete Exam Preparation Kit provided
  • Available in 180+ countries
  • 100–minute online administered by DASCA

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Why the ABDA™ and the SBDA™

Join the World’s Best Big Data Analysts

DASCA-certified Big Data Analysts come tested for their theoretical and applied knowledge of a variety of contemporary open-source and proprietary data analytics platforms, tools, technologies, and environments. ABDA™ and SBDA™ credential-holders also exhibit a formally validated and in-depth understanding of how to apply concepts, technologies, and tools of Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, and RDBMS in the Big Data environment for effective business and marketing decision making. Professionals with ABDA™ and SBDA™ qualifications, therefore, assure potential employers that they can manage large volumes of diversified data, design models for analysis, interpret the importance of subject data for business intelligence, and migrate and visualize Big Data as assignments and objectives demand.

Big Data Analytics
Big data tools and platforms

Demonstrate your Knowledge of Big Data Tools and Platforms

DASCA Credential-holders exhibit level-appropriate and DASCA-EKF™-calibrated knowledge of popular Big Data platforms, including Hadoop and Spark. They have also tested successfully for their diverse exposure to handling analytics functions on a cross-section of all popular Big Data distributions like Hortonworks and Cloudera.

Become Work Ready!

ABDA™ and SBDA™ credentialed professionals are ready to begin work at the time of hire, which is a priceless plus for recruiters and employers today. Their complete understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and professional challenges coupled with their expertise in analytics on popular Big Data platforms turns them into valuable resources for their organization. Additionally, the candidacy norms for ABDA™ and SBDA™ ensure that all credential-holders exhibit at least a working knowledge and understanding of the broad trends and fundamentals of Business, Statistics, Marketing, Research, and Information Technology that helps obtain a richer perspective on their jobs, roles, and KRAs.

Deployment Ready

The Benefits

  • 3rd Party Recognition, Cross-Platform Relevance

    DASCA is an independent and neutral third-party credentialing body. ABDA™ and SBDA™ combine the advantages of pan-platform relevance and vendor-agnosticism to become the world’s most powerful qualifications for Data Science and analytics careers.

  • Designed as Employability-Enhancers

    The DASCA Big Data Analyst Certifications comprehensively address the knowledge areas where Big Data Analysts need to demonstrate proficiency in the rapidly evolving technology landscape to perform and grow well in their job.

  • Thorough Coverage of Relevant Knowledge Areas

    The DASCA Big Data Analyst Certifications are an assurance that certified professionals possess the abilities and knowledge required to aggregate, transfer, migrate, sift, and analyze Big Data, and visualize and present results and insights in various formats.

  • Sharply Employer-

    The ABDA™ and SBDA™ credentials are built around a robust and research-backed structure created after years of research on evolving analytics requirements across sectors, technological developments, and the changing dynamics of the Big Data industry. Therefore, both the ABDA and SBDA credentials sharply address the ever-changing expectations and needs of employers and clients worldwide.

  • World’s Most Respected Certifications in Data Analytics

    Developed using the highest levels of research and validation rigor, and awarded after assessments designed and conducted on standards that exceed the most stringent of international testing and assessment norms, the ABDA™ and SBDA™ credentials meet all the requirements of technology employers across industries around the world.

  • Availability and Convenience

    The ABDA™ and SBDA™ Credentials are now available worldwide and registrations can be made online. Certification exams are computer-based and can be taken across 180+ countries. All ABDA™ and SBDA™ program participants get the official DASCA exam-preparation kit at the time of registration at no extra cost.

Big data analytics certification

Big Data Analytics Certifications

The Big Data Analytics credentialing track of the Data Science Council of America offers certifications that validate the promise, potential, and proficiency of credential-holders in managing the life–cycle of and analyzing Big Data using advanced analytics tools and techniques on popular Big Data software and platforms.

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