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ABDE™ – The Overview

Big Data Engineering & Development is one of the hottest Big Data career domains today. The ABDE™ by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is the world's most credible 3rd–party, vendor–neutral certification for young graduating university and tech–school students around the world, readying themselves for exciting Big Data careers. Proving your proficiency, potential, and promise for developing and engineering Big Data programs, softwares, and applications is done best through the internationally accepted and recognized ABDE™ Certification.

Who does ABDE™ Suit Best

If you have completed or are completing your Undergraduate Degree in Information Technology/ Computer Science OR a Diploma in Computer Programming/ Software Engineering from an accredited institution, the ABDE™ is a great credential to earn.

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ABDE™ Certification Program Fee

$ 585 USD( All Inclusive )

This is a one-time fee, covering the ABDE™ exam; standard exam preparation resources (the ABDE™ Book 1, ABDE™ Book 2, ABDE™ Lab Workbook, Online Learning & Preparation Resources); shipping, digital badging, and credential-kit.

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Note : Pre-registered applicants need not apply again. Their applications are lining up for necessary action. Please also anticipate a little delay in our responses owing to a sudden surge in the number of applications. Our apologies in advance for the inconvenience please.

The fee may change without notice, and does not include the Training Fee charged by training companies or universities or institutions who offer exam-preparation training for DASCA certification exams. DASCA is a standards and credentialing body and has no role to play in training delivery, and neither controls, nor is concerned with any aspect of training/ education. DASCA does not govern or mandate or control the training fee/ program fee charged for any DASCA certification program by any training company or education provider.

Program Pre–requisites

The learning scope, requirements, and rigor of the ABDE™ program necessitates that individuals intending to undergo the program have a prior, strong formal exposure and knowledge of the basic concepts of programming, and ideally, are hands–on with the tools and techniques of object oriented programming – knowing Core JAVA and being able to understand SQL statements.

They should also be ideally, aware of the basics of scripting languages like PERL or RUBY, and have a good understanding of the Linux and Unix environments. Though not necessary, it is recommended that ABDE™ aspirants should be also comfortable with handling databases and spreadsheets. And finally, ideal applicants would also have a basic understanding and exposure to Big Data uses in business and general technology trends.

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ABDE™ Examination Preparation

Individuals registered for both the DASCA Big Data Engineer programs are provided with the full DASCA Certification Preparation Kit to help them study and prepare for their ABDE™ Certification examination. This kit is provided completely FREE to all registrants across the world after DASCA has approved their candidacy for ABDE™, and their payment of the program registration fee is through. This DASCA Official Exam Preparation Kit for DASCA Engineer Certifications, consists of the following:

  • Printed ABDE™ Handbook 1: Foundations of Big Data Engineering
  • Printed ABDE™ Handbook 2: Advanced Big Data Engineering
  • Online Learning & Preparation Resources

Please do report any instance or experience of yours in which you were asked to pay separately for the Official Exam Preparation Kit for DASCA Engineer Certifications, or you observed any attempt by a person or a store or an entity to sell the Official Exam Preparation Kit for DASCA Engineer Certifications. It is reiterated that the Official Exam Preparation Kit for DASCA Engineer Certifications is NOT for sale in the open market and not available on book stores anywhere in the world. The kit is ONLY meant to be provided FREE Of CHARGE to every individual who has been finally accepted and registered by DASCA under the ABDE™ program.


The Candidacy Tracks

Ways to Become an ABDE™

The following table summarizes the specifics of what it takes to become an ABDE™. There are THREE convenient tracks covering Software Engineers from diverse backgrounds and experience to earn an ABDE™!

  • Minimum Qualification Required

    Should have completed Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines.

    Minimum Work Experience

    Experience not Mandatory; basic proficiency in using Python/ JAVA or any other programming language is desirable

  • Minimum Qualification Required

    Should have completed Associate Degree/ Diploma in Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines.

    Minimum Work Experience

    Minimum 2 years of computing experience with proficiency in using Python/ JAVA or any other programming language

  • Minimum Qualification Required

    Current & Past Students of Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines from any of the DASCA-recognized Institutions.

    Minimum Work Experience

    Experience not Mandatory; basic proficiency in using Python/ JAVA or any other programming language is desirable

digital badge

The Digitally Badged ABDE™

ABDE™ Credential is an epitome for on-the-move software engineers seeking to improve their performance, and is digitally badged by CredBadge™. The digital imprints of ABDE™ Certification on your resume let you be on top of the global employers’ much loved prognoses. The badge honors the know-how of young graduating university and tech–school students around the world, priming themselves for thrilling Big Data profession.

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Learning Coverage

Learning Coverage

Though the Official Exam Preparation Kit for DASCA Engineer Certifications is designed as a study and preparation resource for the online ABDE™ Certification examination, the books, lab handbooks, and other learning aids included in the Official Exam Preparation Kit for DASCA Engineer Certifications have been put together to help aspiring Big Data Engineers build longer–lasting sets of skills and a more penetrative Big Data perspective. The Official Exam Preparation Kit for DASCA Engineer Certifications contents therefore seek to develop in learners, a strong and complete generic, as well as platform-based understanding of the concepts, principles, tools, techniques, and technologies of handling storage, processing, management, and security infrastructure required in Big Data management.

Indeed, while the exam preparation kit has been developed around the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™), the idea behind its design, coverage, content, and structure is also to provide to aspiring Big Data Engineers, a liberal exposure to all important proprietary platforms currently in vogue in Big Data applications development currently, and concurrently, they can prepare themselves rightly for the ABDE™ Certification examinations as well.

The contents of the Official Exam Preparation Kit for DASCA Engineer Certifications straddle all essential knowledge areas – divided up into eight sections or modules.


Data Science

  • The Data Scientist
  • Types of Data
  • Deploying Data Science
  • Dealing With Data
  • Taking Off with Tableau
  • Working with Data in Tableau


  • Hadoop & Big Data Analytics
  • Storing, Processing and Modeling Data in Hadoop 3
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Tools for Big Data Processing

Python & Hadoop 3

  • Big Data Analytics with Python and Hadoop 3
  • Dealing With Data Through Python

R & Hadoop

  • Reviewing R Fundamentals
  • Sources of Data
  • Concepts of R for Data Analysis
  • Popular R Packages
  • Analyzing Big Data Using R & Hadoop
  • Statistical Big Data Analysis using R and Hadoop

ML and AI

  • Understanding Machine Learning with Python
  • R Applications in Machine Learning
  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence


  • MongoDB & Big Data Analytics
  • MongoDB Data Structures
  • MongoDB Shell Applications


  • Basics of Messaging Systems
  • Kafka & Distributed Messaging
  • Building ETL Pipelines Using Kafka
  • Building Streaming Applications Using Kafka Streams

Spark, Scala & Flink

  • Big Data Processing with Apache Spark and Scala
  • PySpark and SparkR for Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Processing with Apache Flink

Hadoop 3 Deployment

  • Elasticsearch & Enterprise Big Data search
  • Hadoop Cluster Deployment & Security
  • Big Data Processing on Cloud
  • Building a Data Analytics Pipeline

Getting the ABDE™ - A Preview of the Certification Process

There are six distinct stages of your journey toward becoming an ABDE™. Here's what these stages look like. Of course, we've just tried to take you through a quick tour, so many of the details may be missing. You may Contact Us for more information.

The ABDE™ Certification Process

  • 1Check Eligibility Requirements -

    All DASCA certifications mandate you to meet certain educational and work experience requirements to become eligible. The requirements for each DASCA certification is unique, so before proceeding, check if you satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements for the ABDE™ Certification, you wish to apply for.

    It is recommended that you keep this information handy as it will be required while filling up your online application.

  • 2Fill Online Application+

    Once you have satisfied the ABDE™ eligibility requirements, it is time to apply. Start the application process by creating your myDASCA account. Before proceeding, check if you QualiFly™ for ABDE™. QualiFLY™ essentially relaxes the minimum eligibility requirements and provides upto 15% lower ABDE™ fees, based on your education and work experience. Complete the ABDE™ online application form. Once you have submitted the online application and made a successful payment of the fee, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement response email with instructions for the next step in the assessment process.

  • 3Validation+

    An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the ABDE™ Certification.

  • 4ABDE™ Certification Preparation Material+

    Post your payment confirmation, you will receive your unit of the ABDE™ Certification Preparation Kit containing reading and learning material at the address you have registered with us. Normal delivery timeframe is 3-4 weeks.

  • 5Taking the ABDE™ Certification Exam+

    Given the amount of content to be studied, we’ve established a 45-days period for you to focus on your studies and build your conceptual foundation in Data Science. You’ll be able schedule your ABDE™ exam any time after that. You’ll also be given a six months window to schedule your exam

  • 6Award+

    If you qualify the ABDE™ Certification exam and meet other conditions laid down by the DASCA Professional Certifications Board (DPCB), you are recommended for the award of ABDE™ Credential and the ABDE™ Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical credential pack to reach you within three to four weeks from the date of the credential- award.

The ABDE™ Credential Case

Credential Case

The moment you qualify your DASCA Certification exam, a swanky credential case awaits you. This astonishing box enclosing the ABDE™ Credential is an added incentive for the endowed to work a jiff better to qualify the exam. Along with the credential comes another special spur in the form of a lapel pin, which exhibits your credential while being positioned on your top pockets. This tempting box also encompasses a delightful treasure to be savored in the form of DASCA Code of Ethics booklet.


Registrations are open now for the spanking new ABDE™ version marked to the updated DASCA-DSBoK™ Ver 11-4.4.

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