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DASCA-recognized Data Science educators globally (Updated till 31st March 2021)

  • NYU
  • Caltech
  • Dartmouth
  • Duke University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of San Francisco
  • university of michigan
  • Brown University
  • Georgetown University
  • University of Washington
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale
  • Northwestern
  • rutgers
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
  • California Polytechnic State University
  • UMass Amherst
  • Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Columbia University
  • berkeley university of california
  • University of California, Irvine
  • SP Jain
  • University of Miami
  • University-Pittsburgh
  • Tufts University
  • University of Georgia
  • Colorado State University

DASCA Accreditation

DASCA accreditation helps universities and institutions join the league of the world’s other most renowned technology educators. They get a formal mechanism to power their undergraduate and graduate programs with DASCA’s most advanced Data Science certifications, and even introduce undergrad and master’s programs in data science if they do not have them yet. Accredited institutions are employer's preferred hiring destinations. DASCA–accredited institutions also get the exclusive opportunity to host a DASCA International Center of Data Science.

The DASCA accreditation program is open for universities, higher-education institutions, and government ICT academies. Also, institutions already accredited by other international bodies like ABET and AACSB etc., are put on the accelerated accreditation track for swift accreditation. Institutions shortlisted under the World Data Science Initiative are accredited on subsidized fee.

The Edvantic worldwide network and its global partners have been officially assigned the responsibility of reaching out to universities around the world – especially the young, growing and promising ones in developing and aspiring nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Edvantic network is helping these institutions leverage ongoing global assistance and subsidy programs like the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) and those under the World Bank.

Helping Institutions Produce World-class Big Data Talent+
Helping Institutions Deliver World-class Education+
Equipping Institutions For Bigger Industry Contribution+
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The DASCA accreditation program is open now for governments, universities, and vocational training institutions in several countries. Institutions can apply for DASCA accreditation along either the Standard or the Accelerated accreditation track. It must be noted that the cost of the accreditation project does not depend on the track chosen. While the Standard accreditation track involves six stages of assessment, the Accelerated accreditation track is faster, involving two stages.

All accreditation applications are approved only when institutions meet and qualify DASCA's norms on academic intent, quality, excellence and reputation. Accreditation applications are approved by DASCA using independent industry and market intelligence processes. Once approved, institutions are sent link to the DASCANet portal to commence their participation in the accreditation process. Institutions can choose either of the tabs below to initiate their accreditation request.

Standard Accreditation Track Accelerated Accreditation Track

Starting up an On-campus ICDS™ unit

DASCA-Accredited universities and institutions are really the chosen ones. They are licensed by DASCA to host the prestigious International Center for Data Science (ICDS™) that run a variety of Big Data talent breeding and credentialing programs on globally respected standards of the Data Science Council Of America. Every new ICDS™ launches off with an on-campus high-impact DASCA Big Data Seminar for students and faculty staffers. Bright undergraduate and graduate students of DASCA-Accredited universities hosting the DASCA–powered International Center for Data Science can undergo the Big Data Analyst and the Big Data Engineer Certifications of DASCA affordably, conveniently and swiftly. DASCA provisions for a slew of scholarships and fast-tracked credentialing norms for bright students to actively help them in joining the league of world's top–billed Big Data Analysts and Big Data Engineers.

Standard Accreditation Track Accelerated Accreditation Track
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Benefits of a DASCA-Accreditation for a University/ Institution

Being a DASCA-Accredited university or institution means dealing with the world's best Data Science certifications and doing it with the other world-renowned DASCA-accredited institutions. Data Science training is a burgeoning industry worldwide, and DASCA's rapidly growing prominence in Data Science lends several business advantages to its Institutional partners:

Access To International Training Knowhow+
Addition Of A New Department/Discipline+
Research & Revenues+
The WORLDCLASS Advantage+
The BRAND Advantage+
The MINDSHARE Advantage+
The OPERATIONS Advantage+

A DASCA accreditation means Global Prominence

  • Addition of a new department/ discipline: An institution or a university having a DASCA Partnership actually immediately adds the new knowledge discipline of Big Data and hence a Faculty or Department through DASCA's high–involvement assistance. This facilitates networking with local industry and also adds to the brand equity of the institution. DASCA actively assists a partner institution set up a co–branded DASCA–International Center for Data Science right within its campus.
  • Short–term employability programs for students: A DASCA accreditation is most capable of making current students employable in Big Data jobs right after their graduation.
  • Bachelor's & Master's programs in Big Data: An institution partnering DASCA can easily achieve the required expertise and brand renown to introduce value–added diploma and degree programs in Big Data, if a scope is seen.
  • Corporate training programs: A DASCA–accredited institution enjoys the maximum traction for offering high quality training solutions to Big Data companies that always demand innovative solutions to their talent development and talent transformation challenges.
  • Phd & research programs: Higher forms of DASCA accreditations create for an institution an ideal platform to introduce PhD and sponsored research programs related to Big Data. In fact, Big Data has emerged as such a massively multi–disciplinary and cross–fertilized discipline that aspirants from almost any other discipline can be invited to pursue research. DASCA encourages all institutions to suggest how their programs can be benefitted through a DASCA intervention.

Steps to obtaining the DASCA Accreditation


    The institutions initiates the accreditation enquiry by expressing its intent through one of the online application available on the website. Institutions can apply either for Standard or Accelerated accreditation track after reading the information available on the website. This application is processed and forwarded to the globally distributed Partner Validation Group . This step takes 2-5 workdays on the maximum after the receipt of the online application. Indeed, there are certain categories of Partners, that are pre-approved and the partnering decision and other formalities are communicated much faster.


    The online application is processed by the Partner Validation Group and a Clarification request (if any) is sent to the prospective partner. This step takes 5–7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant organization. Once accreditation request is validated and approved, institutions will get access to the accreditation dashboard DASCANet. Institutions are required to provide all information on DASCA.Net.


    The prospective partner exchanges clarifications with the Partner Validation Group and completes application process. As mentioned above, the Clarification request is sent within 5-7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant organization.


    The decision about partnering and related information are communicated within 3-5 workdays of receiving the clarification from the applicant organization on their DASCA.NET dashboard. As mentioned above, in certain partner categories, that are pre-approved, the decision may be instantly communicated.


    The Appointment is formalized and attendant documentation is completed. The new partner also completes the formalities of purchasing DASCA Certification System Units and the payment of a nominal application processing fee and/ or the License Fee (if applicable for the chosen partnership option.)

  • To apply today for a DASCA Accreditation for your university,
    Standard Accreditation Track Accelerated Accreditation Track

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