For Professionals…

The 6 DASCA certifications give an unbeatable career-edge to professionals at diverse stages in their careers as data scientists, data analysts and data engineers. Based on the world’s only vendor-neutral and cross-platform knowledge standards, these certifications demonstrate promise and capabilities of outcome-driven professional work in the most complex and challenging of data analytics, data engineering and data leadership roles.

Choose ABDA™ or SBDA™ - the DASCA big data analytics certifications - to demonstrate you are ready with cross-platform and vendor neutral knowledge and skills required for processing, storing and analyzing large streaming data using the latest contemporary tools, techniques and software deployed in data and business intelligence today.

Pick from ABDE™ or SBDE™ - the DASCA big data engineering certifications - to demonstrate you can design, develop, adapt and engineer applications and software used in complex data analytics operations. Prove, you have knowledge and skills on the latest contemporary tools, techniques and software deployed in DevOps today.

If you are already on the data leadership pathway, choose from SDS™ or PDS™ - the DASCA data science certifications - to demonstrate you are ready with the knowledge, skills, perspective and experience to design and optimize the data and intelligence infrastructure in organizations, and drive transformatory business outcomes.

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For Graduating Students

If you're a student of a DASCA–recognized university or institution, majoring in business, management, software engineering, information technology, statistics, economics, marketing, and other associated disciplines, you must add a DASCA big data analytics or big data engineering certification to your kitty before you graduate to further enhance your employability. A DASCA data analytics/ data engineering certification helps you in any career, industry or function you may be dreaming of making it big in.

Write to us today if your university or institution is not yet DASCA–recognized, or you need some specific information to help you prepare better for your Data Science career.

For Universities & Institutions

Help your institution catch up to the latest standards in data science, data analytics and data engineering education by getting DASCA accredited! Check out the unique opportunity to get accredited under the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI). Better still, set up a center of data science excellence inside your institution!

Write to us today if you want your institution to get DASCA accredited, or to get your students and faculty DASCA certified.

Universities & Institutions
For Organizations and Recruiters

For Organizations and Recruiters

Through its certifications, DASCA aims at helping organizations shrink their hiring cycles, reduce wrong hiring costs, accelerate deployment timelines, and bring down overall hiring-to-deployment costs. The DASCA corporate partnership program is an effort to align further DASCA’s certification initiatives with the requirements of the industry and business.

The DASCA certifications for big data analysts (ABDA™, SBDA™), big data engineers (ABDE™, SBDE™), and data scientists (SDS™, PDS™) serve as the most reliable qualifications for technology developers and service providers, as well as data analytics user organizations looking to hire the very best of data talents. DASCA's partner network is steadily growing across the world, helping create pools of bright, certified talent. Companies that are DASCA corporate partners get to enhance their captive talent development outcomes.

To learn more about how being with DASCA can add more value to your organization’s talent quality, write to us today.

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