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Privacy Policy

Dear Browser,
We welcome you on www.dasca.org, the flagship website of the Data Science Council Of America, just as we are committed to providing you information which is correct, updated and accurate and which helps you understand our organization, services and principles clearly, we are equally conscious of our responsibility to ensure full security and confidentiality of all information that we may collect from you during the course of your interface with our website.

For your kind information, this website is administered by Data Science Council Of America, and the basic purpose of www.dasca.org is to be a vibrant resource and tool to help you understand our offerings. DASCA, as an Organization, wants you to feel secure in browsing our site and is committed to maintaining your privacy while doing so.

In order to help you understand better how we protect the privacy of any visitor we present below our policies of managing information we collect from all our site visitors:

Kind of information we collect

Information on www.dasca.org is collected indirectly like when you submit information on various links of www.dasca.org.

An important example of information we collect indirectly is through our Internet access logs. When you access www.dasca.org, your Internet address is automatically collected and is placed in our Internet access logs.

Most of the information we collect is through voluntarily submission. We provide the opportunity to you for registering in any of the certification program conducted by us, For DASCA Memberships, for associating with DASCA, for obtaining any information from the DASCA, or participate in any survey. When we collect information, we inform you as to why we are collecting such information and how we will use the same. You have the freedom to submit or not any information pertaining to you.

Information use on DASCA

We interpret to determine what is most important about our site, to help us improve it, and finally, to analyze how we can customize www.dasca.org to make it effective and user friendly. We may also use information for other purposes, which we would describe to the visitor at the point we gather any such information. Our information sharing Policy with outside parties.

As an organization which is global, information may be transferred to our various global locations. We will never sell individual data and will share it only for internal use. There will be times when we are bound to share some information, for example, in the case of an event where we need to provide our event planners with meal preference information. But again, at the time of submitting any information, we will inform you as to why we are collecting specific information and it is on you whether or not to provide it.

What about sensitive personal information?

We do not generally collect sensitive personal information through our site www.dasca.org, if we do collect such data; we take your consent to our proposed uses of the information.

Do we give the visitor access to the information provided by them?

You are authorized to know whether we hold important or general information about you and, you can have access to the same and can also correct if required. You can do this by writing to us.

What about data security policy?

We take appropriate measures to maintain the security of our visitor’s data on www.dasca.org. You as a visitor should understand that due to the open nature of the Internet data may flow over various networks without security measures and can be accessed and used by individuals other than those for whom the data is meant for.

If you have any questions now or during your visit, please write to us.

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