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Associate Big Data Analyst

ABDA™ is a benchmark global qualification in big data analytics widely preferred by young professionals cutting across work and academic backgrounds and also by students graduating in diverse majors from DASCA accredited/ recognized institutions.

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ABDA™ – The Overview

ABDA™ is the most widely industry-trusted proof of proficiency, potential and promise of using vendor-neutral and cross-platform data science tools and techniques in big data analytics. It is ideal for professionals who are currently handling roles and functions in MIS, market research and related areas, or students graduating with majors in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or Economics from DASCA-accredited institutions and business schools.

Who does ABDA™ Suit Best...

ABDA™ will be a great choice for you if you love crunching numbers and are currently handling roles that involve research and analysis of data, or management of information, or managing information systems in an organization. You can also opt for ABDA™ if you are completing your Bachelor’s/ undergraduate degree in Information Systems, MIS, Computer Application, Business, Management, Marketing, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, or Applied Mathematics from an institution accredited or recognized by DASCA, Check the section on ABDA™ Candidacy on this page.

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ABDA™ Certification Program Fee

US$ 585.00
(All Inclusive)

The ABDA™ program fee may change without notice, and does not include the Training Fee charged by training companies or universities or institutions that offer exam-preparation training for the ABDA™ exam. DASCA is a standards and credentialing body and has no role to play in training delivery, and neither controls, nor is concerned with any aspect of training/education. DASCA does not govern or mandate or control the training fee/program fee charged for any certification program by any training company or education provider. The additional online resources provided by independent publishers in some markets are for optional reference, and not connected to DASCA exams or the official DASCA exam-prep handbooks provided to candidates.

This is a one-time fee covering the ABDA™ certification exam, standard exam preparation resources (the Handbook 1: Foundations of Big Data Analytics, Handbook 2: Advanced Big Data Analytics), digital badge, ABDA™ credential kit, and shipping of material. Digital access and hosting cost of 3rd party optional study resources is also included in the ABDA™ fee package wherever applicable.

*We honor military and war veterans with special fee.

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A Few Global Corporations where ABDA™ Certified Professionals Work

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Key Highlights

  • High-quality Preparation Resources

    Candidates are provided high-quality exam-preparation resources for convenient and effective self-study.

  • Ample time to prepare and study

    Candidates are given 6 months for exam preparation with recommended self-study of 8-10 hrs/week.

  • Exclusive Digital Badge

    Candidates receive an exclusive Digital Badge to showcase and receive recognition for their achievements.

  • Globally Recognized

    The ABDA™ is a globally recognized 3rd-party vendor-neutral and cross-platform qualification.

  • Digital Convenience

    ABDA™ candidates can conveniently register for and schedule their ABDA™ certification exam, and access policy resources and support on their personal and exclusive myDASCA digital dashboard.

  • Online Exam

    All certification exams can be taken anywhere at any time and are digitally proctored.

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Program Pre–requisites

The wide ABDA™ learning agenda requires candidates to have a rich general understanding of information technology trends and use cases of information and intelligence in industry today. They must have a clear view of how modern data science is shaping data analytics applications in life, business and industry today.

The rigor of the ABDA™ program also demands that candidates must essentially have a strong formal knowledge of advanced statistical techniques and must be hand-on in calculating central tendencies, dispersions and averages, permutations and combinations, probabilities, and creating graphs, charts, histograms, and scatter plots. ABDA™ aspirants must also be comfortable working with databases and spreadsheets. A basic knowledge of programming and skills of using spreadsheet programs and statistical software for statistical calculations will be a meaningful plus.


ABDA™ Examination Preparation

All ABDA™ candidates are provided with resources to study from and prepare for their ABDA™ certification exam. The access to these resources is activated after the completion of registration and fee payment formalities.

The DASCA official exam preparation resources provided to registered ABDA™ candidates include:

  • Print copy of the Handbook 1: Foundations of Big Data Analytics
  • Print copy of the Handbook 2: Advanced Big Data Analytics
  • Practice tests for ABDA™ exam on the myDASCA candidate dashboard
  • Exam preparation guide

In addition to the above, independent 3rd party publishers and content providers offer online resources for reference, practice and learning. Using these resources is optional and not essential for ABDA™ exam preparation, and the DASCA fee package covers the cost of digital LMS access and cloud hosting of such material. Please do report any instance or experience in which you were asked to pay separately for any of these study and exam-prep resources, or you observed any attempt by a person or a store or an entity to sell any of these resources. It is reiterated that these DASCA resources are meant to be provided directly only to individuals formally registered in the ABDA™ certification program, and they are NOT for sale in the open market or available in book stores anywhere in the world.


The ABDA™ Candidacy

The Three Registration Tracks

Choose one of the following tracks that suits your specific work and education background/ profile to conveniently register in ABDA™:

  • Minimum Qualification Required

    Should have completed at least a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management/ Social Sciences/ Information Systems/ Computer Application or related disciplines from any nationally or internationally accredited institution.

    Minimum Work Experience

    Experience not Mandatory; basic proficiency in working with data/ Statistics/ Business Analytics/ RDBMS is desirable.

  • Minimum Qualification Required

    Should have completed an Associate Degree/ Diploma in Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management/ Social Sciences/ Information Systems/ Computer Application/ related disciplines from any nationally or internationally accredited institution.

    Minimum Work Experience

    Minimum 2 years of experience of handling data analytics/ information systems or working with data/ information systems/ Statistics/ Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence/ RDBMS

  • Minimum Qualification Required

    Current & past students of Bachelor's Degree programs in Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management/ Social Sciences/ Information Systems/ Computer Application or related disciplines from any of the DASCA-accredited or recognized Institutions.

    Minimum Work Experience

    Experience not Mandatory; basic proficiency in working with data/ Statistics software/ Business Analytics/ spreadsheets is desirable.

*QualiFLY™ is a proprietary academic excellence listing and ranking services tool of Edvantic, Inc., United States, and DASCA deploys QualiFLY™ to identify institutions for their high potential to contribute to advancement of data science education and research.

The Digitally Badged ABDA™

A digital version of the ABDA™ certification (ABDA™ digital badge) is issued within 96 hours of your passing the ABDA™ certification exam and completing other prescribed requirements, Your ABDA™ digital badge is uploaded on the CredBadge™ portal and is verifiable online by anybody having a link.

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digital badge

Exam Preparation

The two handbooks on Big Data Analyst included in the official DASCA exam preparation kit are the recommended and essential readings for the online ABDA™ certification examination. They have been developed around the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™), to ensure an effective preparation for the ABDA™ certification exam, and at the same time, help aspiring Big Data Analysts and application developers build a longer–lasting base of knowledge and a more in-depth perspective of the most advanced concepts in data science underlying data analytics technologies. Additionally, an exam preparation guide and practice tests are also provided to ABDA™ candidates on their myDASCA dashboard.

The content in the two official DASCA handbooks is clustered in eight sections covering all prescribed ABDA™ exam areas. This content aims to develop in learners a strong generic and platform-based understanding of the concepts, tools, and technologies of handling, managing, processing and visualizing large volumes of streaming data.

ABDA™ Exam Preparation

Examination Coverage Information

  • Foundations of Data Science
    15% +
  • The Mathematics of Data Science
    20% +
  • Dealing with Data
    15% +
  • Doing Data Analytics
    15% +
  • Data Visualization
    18% +
  • Big Data in Machine Learning & Ai
    7% +
  • Enterprise Applications of Data Analytics
    5% +
  • Implementing Analytics
    5% +

Earning the ABDA™ - A Preview of the Certification Journey

There are six distinct stages of your ABDA™ certification journey. Here’s a quick tour of what these stages look like. You may Contact Us for more information.

The ABDA™ Certification Process

  • 01

    Stage 1: Choose the Right Registration Track

    Start by confirming your fit for ABDA™ and choosing one of the three registration tracks that suit you best. You can Check here if the ABDA™ certification meets your career needs and also that you satisfy the minimum candidacy/ eligibility requirements prescribed for ABDA™. Before proceeding, please do check if you are eligible for any special candidacy relaxations under the QualiFly™ program for ABDA™.

  • 02

    Stage 2: Create Your myDASCA Account

    Next, you must create your myDASCA account to start the application process and indicate in your application form if you are eligible for QualiFly™ program benefits. Once you have submitted the online ABDA™ application and paid the fee, you will receive an acknowledgment response email with instructions for the next steps in the ABDA™ registration process.

    Please do note, your ABDA™ application may be randomly picked for a detailed candidacy check and you may receive a notification for this separately. This is an internal DASCA quality management exercise and has nothing to do with your application. If this happens, then you will be requested to fill out a Candidacy Verification form and share proofs of the qualifications and work experience you may have mentioned in your ABDA™ application.

  • 03

    Stage 3: ABDA™ Registration Confirmation

    Once your ABDA™ application is accepted and you have completed your fee payment, your registration in ABDA™ is deemed complete and a registration confirmation message is sent to you. At this point, the full access to your myDASCA account too would be activated.

  • 04

    Stage 4: Shipment of ABDA™ Exam Prep Handbooks

    Within 72 hours of registration confirmation, instructions will be released to ship the DASCA exam-preparation kit containing the two Big Data Analytics handbooks to the mailing/ shipping address you have registered with us. Standard delivery timeframe is 3-4 weeks. You must verify the shipping address mentioned on your myDASCA dashboard, and change it if you wish to, within 72 hours of completing your fee payment.

  • 05

    Stage 5: Ready up & Register for Exam

    Once you are ready for the ABDA™ certification exam, you can register for it right from your dashboard. There is no big hurry, though. DASCA gives ABDA™ candidates a period of 180 days from the date of registration confirmation to pass the ABDA™ certification exam.

  • 06

    Stage 6: You Are Certified!

    Once you pass the ABDA™ certification exam and meet the other requirements prescribed by the DASCA Professional Certifications Board (DPCB), the award of the ABDA™ certification is approved for you. While the ABDA™ Digital Badge is released within 96 hours of the award approval, you can expect the physical ABDA™ credential kit (containing a printed ABDA™ certificate and the ABDA™ designation pin) to reach you within 3-4 weeks from the date of award.

digital badge

The ABDA™ Credential Case

Candidates who pass their ABDA™ exam receive an exclusive ABDA™ digital badge that can be instantly shared on social media and mentioned on your CV. Certified individuals also get their printed certificate and lapel pin shipped to them in a credential box.


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