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Data Scientist Certifications

DASCA offers two of the most prestigious international credentials for Data Scientists today. Ideal for senior professionals already working as Big Data Analysts, these credentials are also great qualifications for experienced and accomplished data engineers and data experts.

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Data Leadership

The Data Scientist certifications of the Data Science Council of America demonstrate most powerfully the data leadership acumen and promise of senior and accomplished data analytics and data engineering professionals for transforming data and business intelligence infrastructure, strategies, initiatives and programs for organizations.

The Data Scientist Track

The Certifications

DASCA offers two levels of global certifications in this track: The Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) certification, which sharply targets senior data Analysts and data engineers who want to move up to Data Scientist roles, and the Principal Data Scientist (PDS™) certification, which is ideal for experienced Data Science professionals who desire more challenging roles in their careers.


Registrations are open now for the latest versions of SDS™ and PDS™ certifications.

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Senior Data Scientist
  • Among the world’s highest-ranked qualifications for aspiring Data Scientists
  • The only Data Science qualification that focuses on strategic data leadership capabilities
  • Aligned to the world’s only vendor-neutral and cross-platform data science knowledge standards-framework
  • For aspirants with 4+ years of work-history in data analytics or data engineering/ application development
  • Exclusive personalized dashboard and study material provided to all candidates
  • Completely online; available in 180+ countries
  • Upgrade to PDS™ possible after 12 months
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Principal Data Scientist
  • The world’s most powerful, gold-standard credential for accomplished Data Scientists
  • For applicants with 10+ years of work-history in strategic areas of organizational data management
  • Aligned to the world’s only vendor-neutral and cross-platform data science knowledge standards-framework
  • Exclusive personalized dashboard and study material provided to all candidates
  • Completely online; available in 180+ countries
  • Multiple tracks available for applicants from diverse backgrounds
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Why Data Scientist Certifications?

Establish Yourself as a Top-of-the-Line Data Scientist

SDS™ and PDS™ credentialed Data Scientists exhibit proven high-end professional knowledge and capabilities related to transforming big data into invaluable business asset for large, global organizations in a complex global environment. The certifications demonstrate readiness for assuming roles involving planning, designing, and implementing processes and layouts for complex, large-scale data sets used for modeling, data mining, and research. The entry-level prerequisites for the SDS™ and PDS™ certifications include competence in data analytics operations, business case development, planning, coordination/ collaboration with various internal and vendor teams, and efficient management of the lifecycle of data management projects.

Why Data Scientist Certifications?
Readiness for Data Leadership

Readiness for Data Leadership

With an in-depth understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and the challenges of their profession in a global workplace, SDS™ and PDS™ credentialed professionals demonstrate validated expertise in conceptualizing high-impact strategic uses of Big Data and developing and executing a pan-organization data intelligence infrastructure and mindset. Their knowledge of operating major open-source and proprietary data analytics platforms, tools, and technologies is also extensively tested during the certification exam.

The Benefits

  • Sharply Employer/ Industry-Focused

    The SDS™ and PDS™ certification assessments address the cardinal Big Data question: how does Data Science help organizations, professionals and researchers solve problems faster and take better, more accurate decisions in real-time? The two credentials are most reliable validations for higher-order competence of data scientists, who can be deployed across sectors and adapt to and leverage technological developments and the changing industry dynamics.

  • 3rd Party Recognition, Cross-Platform Relevance

    DASCA is an entirely independent certification body and not a technology developer or owner of a proprietary data analytics platform. This makes DASCA a neutral credentialing body with zero vested commercial interests. This third-party recognition, combined with cross-platform and vendor-neutral characteristics and orientation makes SDS™ and PDS™ truly trustworthy worldwide, and gives professionals the recognition and flexibility to use their knowledge and skills to analyze Big Data on multiple platforms.

  • Globally Coveted, Respected and Recognized

    Developed using the highest levels of research and validation rigor, and awarded after assessments designed and conducted on standards that exceed the most stringent of international testing and assessment norms, the SDS™ and PDS™ credentials meet all the requirements of technology employers across industries around the world.

  • Availability and Convenience

    The SDS™ and PDS™ certifications are available for the worldwide audience, and registrations can be made online. The certification exams for SDS™ and PDS™ can be taken in 180+ countries around the world. All SDS™ and PDS™ program-participants also receive exclusively written data science handbooks for study and preparation at no extra cost. In some countries, 3rd-party publishers also provide specially curated online learning and reference material.

Obtaining SDS™ & PDS™

Obtaining SDS™ & PDS™

Earning the Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) credential and designation takes qualifying the online SDS™ certification exam. The standard PDS™ certification requirements mandate completing four assessment milestones – including the PDS™ certification exam. However, two of the four PDS™ tracks exempt candidates from the certification exam. Click the program logos here to read more on SDS™ and PDS™.

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