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Brought to you by DASCA
Brought to you by DASCA

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As of today, I am happy to be a "Certified Associate Big Data Engineer", endorsed by the Data Science Council of America. I am very grateful to have Barbara Coscio, MBA as my manager and mentor. Thank you for always motivating me! Thank you Freedom Mortgage family for this amazing opportunity!

"Hello, World!"......It is official, I got the badge!

Here is yours truly, a certified Senior Big Data Analyst by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA).

It feels great! Setting goals, achieving them and setting more goals to achieve more. I love wins!

Thank you Octave Analytics for this opportunity, and everyone that has been there. We do more together!

In the midst of the storm and crisis, this past one year has been one of my best years. My professional experience as a data scientist leapt when I joined Octave Analytics. Working on numerous data science projects has allowed me to expand my data toolbox and hands-on expertise.

On December 29th 2020, I obtained the Associate Big Data Analyst Credential which proved my potential and promise for Big Data Analytics.

I gained knowledge in Big Data Framework, Big Data Tools #Hadoop,#mapreduce), Big Data Solution Engineering, Social Media & Mobile Analytics, Data Visualization, Big Data in Machine Learning & AI, and Business Implementation of Big Data for decision making.

Dasca certification helped me refresh existing concepts and learn some new ones
#dasca #datasciences

Kanchan Pathak

One more feather in my cap!!
After 6 months of hard-work and good amount of preparation, I'm certified with SBDE (Senior Big Data Engineer) by DASCA (Data Science Council of America) credential.

Just got certified today as a Senior Data Scientist by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA). Special thanks to Bill Schmarzo and Field Cady for their wonderful books. Even with a background in ML and data analytics the books provided a lot of practical actionable knowledge with a focus on deriving business value and making informed decisions.

Alhamdulillah I am happy to announce that I am now a certified SBDA™️(Senior Big Data Analyst). The certificate is from the “Data Science Council Of America” (DASCA).

It took me more than 2 months to prepare for this certificate, but it’s worth it.

Certificate Abdulrahman

An awesome year it has been so far using #Hadoop for Data Storage and Processing and other #bigdataEngineering tools like #Spark, #Flume, #Sqoop #Scala, #Hive etc as it ends on a high note for me with the fulfillment of becoming a Data Science Council of America Certified Associate Big Data Engineer. Big Congrats to my fellow classmate and former colleague Victor Momodu, ABDA Big cheers as we dwell in excitement looking forward to the great opportunities that comes with this. It feels so good knowing we both made it to end. View my Credential here

Really learned a lot from the Senior Data Scientist Certification offered by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA). And thanks to Bill Schmarzo's Book and his Big Data Business Model Maturity Index, help us a lot in many projects.

A year ago I grew curious about big data technologies and wanted to learn more about them. After immense effort in the past 6 months of immersion period during which I spent time learning R programming, machine learning concepts and the hadoop 2 ecosystem complete with hive, pig and spark along with scala fundamentals,
I am thrilled to share that I have earned the ADBA (Associate Big Data Analyst) certification by DASCA (Data Science Council of America).

It's pretty challenging but rewarding.
Got it finally!!!!

So proud of this milestone: I am formally designated as Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) with the Data Science Council of America! This amazing discipline requires a lot of hard work and continuing dedication to learning. In the age of Big Data, many organizations are struggling to derive value from the enormous amount of data available to them. There is often a void between business and IT stakeholders in the understanding of how they can optimize their business processes and empower their managers with valuable insights. To bridge this gap, you need a new generation of Leaders that are somewhat unicorns in this space who understand business challenges and are equipped with technical knowledge and skills.

I'm a Certified Associate Big Data Analyst by the Data Science Council of America. I celebrate this milestone and I’m grateful to God.
Special appreciation to Blessing Oladeji for the opportunity. Thank you, Marvellous Akomolafe ABDE™ for the DASCA lectures. Big thanks to my Manager, Lekan Olayinka for the motivation when I was preparing for the exam. God bless you.
Thank you Abiodun Sanni, ABDA™, Richard Olayanju, ABDA™, and Mary Agbo for providing the needed assistance when I reached out.

Finally certified as an Associate Big Data Analyst offered by Data Science Council of America (DASCA).
I offer my sincere gratitude to Mr. Thisara Watawana and the other instructors of Boffin Institute for guiding me to gain an excellent level knowledge and expertise through this program.

Happy to announce that I have received the Senior Big Data Analyst (SBDA) professional certification from DASCA.
The certification demonstrates mastery of the following:
- Big Data & Data Science Concepts
- The Framework of Hadoop and its Ecosystem
- Big Data Analytics, R & its use-cases
- Generic Machine Learning Framework & Principles of Python Programming

Successfully passed the exam and got my self certified as a Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA™) from the Data Science Council of America.
ABDA™ is a benchmark global qualification in big data analytics widely preferred by young professionals and DASCA is the world leader in accreditation of technology and engineering schools, universities, business schools and government ICT academies.
I humbly thank the lecture panel at Boffin Institute of Data Science for your guidance. I'm absolutely sure that this skill would be of immense help in my career to combine the knowledge and education that I have gathered in areas such as Finance, Supply Chain, IT and Marketing.

Today is another happy moment for me to share…. Very happy to announce that I received my SDS™ certification from Data Science Council of America (DASCA) and I’ve been awarded with a new badge. This journey of the SDS™ certification has been highly satisfactory for me and I will definitely recommend it to all data science professionals.
Most importantly, with the help of SDS™ comprehensive study material that DASCA provided and exam that I went through, it benefited me to learn 'think like a data scientist.' The wide variety of topics covered in this program can be directly applied in real life with confidence, and this makes SDS™ program highly valuable for every Data Scientist / AI professional.

I reflect on these past few months of maternity leave with gratitude. I learned a lot over the course of my maternity leave.
During this period, I become a certified Senior Big Data Analyst (SBDA). The certificate is from the "Data Science Council of America"(DASCA). Special thanks to Chimaoge Esotu for the encouragement.
Also, to DSN - Data Scientists Network Data Science Nigeria for the privilege, the opportunity to have worked with a company of great impact.
Maternity leave has been a developmental phase for me and I am fully ready for the next chapter.

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