DASCA is the World’s Foremost Standards & Credentialing Body for the Data Science Profession.

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Big Data. Bigger Promise. Biggest Credentials.

Founded on the world's first, most robust generic Big Data knowledge framework – the EKF™ – DASCA Certifications validate and test credential–holders in over 30 profession–critical knowledge vectors along the five EKF™ knowledge–essentials prongs. Nothing else adds a bigger, most international edge to the employability of professionals for the Big Data industry that needs 5 million workers in 2017 alone.

Why Should I get
DASCA Credentialed?

Because getting the finest Big Data jobs, or growing in a Big Data career today requires assuring employers about your capabilities, promise, and potential of being a super professional. And nothing can do this job better than your DASCA Credential! DASCA tests individuals along the world's most robust generic Big Data knowledge framework – the EKF™ to validate their knowledge in 30 profession–critical dimensions, before awarding its certification. And that's how a ABDA™, ABDE™, SBDA™, SBDE™, SDS™, and PDS™can lend the sharpest competitive edge to your employability and growth.


Top Six Reasons Why DASCA Certifications Become a Must for All Data Science Professionals

Trust us, it’s really time to start-off your quest for earning a DASCA Credential!

DASCA Certifications for Big Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, and Big Data Scientists are the world's most powerful independent professional credentials today. Founded on the first platform-independent and the most robust Data Science knowledge standards-framework currently in practice internationally, these credentials validate most convincingly for your employers that your education, training, and knowledge make you a high-potential Big Data Scientist, Analyst, Engineer, or Developer.

Here are the top 6 reasons that make DASCA Certifications an absolute must for ambitious professionals:

1 A DASCA Credential Draws the Best Big Data Jobs to You +
+Around 15 million Data Science professionals are demanded by 2020! 2
3 DASCA-certified professionals can earn 40%-50% higher! +
+The Best Roles Go to those Holding a Specialist Data Science Qualification 4
5 DASCA Credentials are Globally Respected and Relevant +
+The DASCA-certified are secure even during economic downturns and technology changes.6

If you have a qualification or a degree in Business/ Information Technology/ Computer Science/ Mathematics or similar disciplines, or you are earning one, you have a great Data Science career awaiting you! And if you’ve studied, or are studying in a DASCA recognized institution, then QualiFLY™ flies you easy, safe, and fast right to your chosen DASCA Credential!

QualiFLY is a DASCA program under which, if you have a degree or a qualification from any of DASCA-recognized institutions, the regulation candidacy norms for the DASCA Big Data Engineer, Big Data Analyst, or Big Data Scientist Credential of your interest relaxes appreciably, and you can apply for the chosen Big Data Certification as a privileged QualiFLY™ applicant.

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What Big Data Knowledge do you need to excel?

Joining the league of the world's finest Big Data Analysts or Engineers or Scientists starts with knowing what you should certainly know!

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Choose a DASCA Credential that works best for your Big Data career

We've got six international certification programs along three credential–tracks for the hottest of Big Data professions today–Big Data Analysts; Big Data Engineers; and Big Data Scientists. Go ahead and find out which of these work best for you.

What's Best for Me?

"Big Data is expanding like our universe is, only a little more ferociously. And this keeps blurring the boundaries among the various jobs and professions in the space all the time. Via the EKF™, we're trying to fix perhaps the most irritating of the gaps that ambitious Big Data professionals and the quality–fussy recruiters, both experience – what all should Big Data aces and geeks essentially know to keep excelling. What has really brought big smiles on Big Data experts connected to DASCA is the fact that we've kept the framework smartly generic."

–The EKF™ Research & Design Group, The Data Science Council of America

The Stunning DASCA Credential Packs!

All individuals who pass the exams and pre-requisites for DASCA Big Data Analyst; Big Data Engineer; and Big Data Scientist Certifications are awarded their certificates in exclusively designed credential cases. These cases contain printed certificates, designation pins, and copies of the Code of Ethics booklets – designed to forever make you feel proud of holding a well-earned DASCA Credential.

IMPORTANT: The design and contents of these kits can change without notice.

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DASCA Credentials Are Digital Too…

DASCA Credentials come digitally-badged, just as the qualifications and certifications of most other great institutions do. Ensuring you can spread a word out about your achievement swift on the internet, and showcase your DASCA Credential on your digital profiles everywhere – all in real time, simultaneously, anywhere, anytime!

The world has become digital, and it’s only logical that the world’s finest Big Data Certifications should also have the digital stamp on them. After all, the quality of our presence in the virtual space will define how effectively we'll grow in the Data Science profession and create an impact on employers. Digital badging is the best, fastest, and the most impressive way to showcase digitally, your credentials, your accomplishments, your interests, your passions, your skills on the web. Your online presence adds that strong dash of credibility for your Big Data capabilities. You can earn digital credentials and nanodegrees through digital learning from institutions who’ve embraced digital badging. It's a spanking new way to learn toward, earn, and brandish the special in you. DASCA joins the select few institutions including a few ivy-league ones who are now on a digital badging platform.

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