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  • 1 Choose the Right Registration Track Start by confirming you are fit for the DASCA certification and choosing one of the registration tracks that match your profile best. You can check here if the selected DASCA certification meets your career needs and also if you satisfy the minimum candidacy/ eligibility requirements prescribed for each DASCA certification. Before proceeding, please do check if you are eligible for any special candidacy relaxations under the QualiFly™ program offered to alums of DASCA accredited/ recognized institutions.
  • 2 Create Your myDASCA Account Next, you must create your myDASCA account to start the application process and indicate in your application form if you are eligible for QualiFly™ program benefits. Once you have submitted the online application and paid the fee, you will receive an acknowledgment response email with instructions for the next steps in the registration process. Please do note, your application may be randomly picked for a detailed candidacy audit and you may receive a notification for this separately. This is an internal DASCA quality management exercise and has nothing to do with your application. If this happens, then you will be requested to fill out a Random Candidacy Audit form and share proofs of the qualifications and work experience you may have mentioned in your application.
  • 3 Registration Confirmation Once your application is accepted and you have completed your fee payment, your registration for the chosen certification is deemed complete and a registration confirmation message is sent to you. At this point, the full access to your myDASCA account too would be activated.
  • 4 Shipment of Your Exam Preparation Kit Within 24 hours of registration confirmation, instructions will be released to ship the DASCA exam preparation kit containing reading and learning material to the address you have registered with us. The standard delivery timeframe is 3-4 weeks. You must verify the shipping address mentioned on your myDASCA dashboard, and change it if you wish to within 24 hours of completing your fee payment.
  • 5 Ready up & Register for Exam Once you are ready for the certification exam, you can register for it right from your dashboard. There is no big hurry, though. DASCA gives registered candidates a period of 180 days from the date of registration confirmation to pass the DASCA certification exam.
  • 6 You Are Certified! Once you pass the DASCA certification exam and meet the other requirements prescribed by the DASCA Professional Certifications Board (DPCB), the award of the chosen DASCA certification is approved for you. While the Digital Badge is released within 96 hours of the award approval, you can expect the physical credential kit (containing a printed certificate and the designation pin) to reach you within 3-4 weeks from the date of the award.

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