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If you already have a qualification in Technology, Business, Management, Mathematics, or in any of the allied disciplines from a DASCA-recognized institution - then, acquiring a DASCA Credential just got easier and faster for you!


QualiFLY™Fast-pace Earning the World's most Invaluable Data Science Qualifications!

Now race away easy to your ABDE™/ SBDE™/ ABDA™/ SBDA™/ SDS™ or a PDS™ Credential!

QualiFLY™ accelerates and eases your journey toward your chosen DASCA Credential. It virtually gives wings to ambitious graduating students preparing to start their careers and also to young professionals who’ve just started working in domains like Data Sciences, Programming, Analytics, Business, Technology, Market Research, or Management. It’s DASCA's happy new program to help them leverage their current education and qualifications in earning a prestigious DASCA Certification. Faster, easier, and of course, affordably!

So, if you have a certification/qualification or any other credential from any of the institutions featured in the most recent DASCA Q1 or Q2 lists, you may just be good to QualiFLY™ to a Big Data Engineer or a Big Data Analyst or a Data Scientist Credential. Explore QualiFLY™ opportunities for yourself now, before you leave this page.

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QualiFLY™ spinoff
  • Think QualiFLY™. If you have some great degrees and certifications already, well, then make them get a DASCA Certification for you! Your qualifications can really work wonders for you - easing down and speeding up for you the process of earning a DASCA Credential. Not the least, this QualiFLY™ also makes a DASCA Credential more affordable for you!

    1. QualiFLY™ brings down the high-looking MINIMUM QUALIFICATION candidacy norm for your chosen DASCA Certification…
    Which means, if you have a qualification or a credential from a DASCA-recognized or a DASCA-partner institution, you can register for a DASCA Certification even with a qualification which is lower than prescribed under the standard DASCA candidacy norms for that credential.

  • 2.QualiFLY™ eases down the rigorous MINIMUM WORK-YEARS candidacy norm by a few years if you’re from a DASCA-recognized/ partner institution
    This implies the minimum work-experience duration that is DASCA-prescribed for your certification of interest, reduces to fewer years than what is standard under the DASCA candidacy norms. You get this QualiFLY™ privilege if you’ve studied in a DASCA-recognized or a DASCA-partner institution; or you have a credential from a DASCA-recognized certification body.

  • 3.QualiFLY™ makes your chosen DASCA Credential, A LITTLE MORE AFFORDABLE for you as well!
    Yes! If you QualiFLY™ for a DASCA Credential, you can register at a fee which may be upto 15% lower than the standard global DASCA fee for that credential! So if you are a student or alumni of a DASCA-recognized or a DASCA-partner institution; or you have a credential from a DASCA-recognized certification body, rush now!

DASCA Recognized Institutions

If you have a degree or a qualification from a DASCA-recognized institution or a university, you’re one step closer to QualiFLY™ to your DASCA Credential of interest. Your institution can either be the DASCA QualiFLY™ List 1 (Q1) or the DASCA QualiFLY™ List 2 (Q2). Both the lists include institutions whose qualifications/ credentials are DASCA approved for being considered for QualiFLY.

The Q1 List includes higher-education institutions, business schools, technology colleges, universities, and highly specialized Data Sciences schools whose programs in Information Technology/ Computer Science/ Business/ Management/ Market Research/ Statistics/ Mathematics etc., have already completed the rigorous DASCA-recognition process. The Q2 List, on the other hand, includes those institutions whose programs are undergoing the validation, assessment, and other DASCA-recognition formalities. In due course, Q2 institutions move up into the Q1 list, becoming a part of the expanding community of DASCA-aligned Data Science educators.

While quite a few energetic, up-and-coming institutions with proven capabilities for breeding world-class young professionals are already a part of the Q2 list, both the DASCA lists include institutions of global renown. These lists update once every quarter and DASCA strongly encourages institutions to apply for inclusion in the DASCA institutional recognition program to help their students leverage QualiFLY™ and amplify their employability for the exciting Big Data and Data Science professions.


List Q1

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • university of utah
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  • arizona state university
  • nc state university
  • Caltech
  • michigan state university
  • Northwestern
  • umass amherst
  • Yale
  • columbia university
  • Dartmouth
  • Duke University
  • USC University of Southern California
  • UC San Diego
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
  • harvard university
  • iit guwahati
  • iit Kharagpur
  • iit Madras
  • iit Varanasi
  • iit delhi
  • iit roorkee
  • iit calicut
  • iit bombay
  • university of illinois at urbana champaign
  • berkeley university of california
  • mcgill
  • iit rourkela
  • iit kurukshetra
  • iit tiruchirappalli
  • nyu
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • PennState
  • princeton university
  • purdue
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • rice
  • rutgers
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Stanford University
  • the ohio state university
  • arizona
  • the university of british columbia
  • uc davis university of california
  • the university of chicago
  • ucla
  • uic
  • university of maryland
  • university of north carolina at chapel hill
  • johns hopkins university
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • university of florida
  • university of virginia
  • university of minnesota
  • University of Washington
  • Virginia Tech
  • Washington University in St.Louis
  • logo
  • university of michigan
  • uc santa barbara

List Q2

  • SP Jain School of Global Management
  • Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta
  • University of Rawanda
  • Rome Business School
  • xi'an jiaotong liverpool university
  • nanyang technological university
  • logo
  • tohoku university
  • osaka university
  • logo
  • logo
  • singapore management university
  • seoul national university of science & technology
  • president university

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