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From being the prime mover of the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) to catching them young through the Data Science in Schools (DaSS) initiative, to recognizing excellence in data science teaching and instruction, DASCA is revolutionizing the way data science is taught and learned in campuses around the world and how thousands of shining data science careers are made along the way.

Transforming Data Science Education

DASCA initiatives reflect our untiring zeal to change, energize, enrich and democratize the way data science is perceived as an educational and training discipline, and taught and learned in schools and universities around the world.

Transforming Data Science Educators

Through these initiatives, DASCA intends to:

  • 01. Bring down the costs of adapting the best and the latest by educational institutions and organizations, particularly in developing countries
  • 02. Increase the speed and effectiveness at which they can adapt, embrace, implement and sustain the latest
  • 03. Establish mechanisms that ensure curriculum and education quality management
  • 04. Empower universities for nurturing higher-order tech employability among students
  • 05. Excite, recognize, encourage and improve teaching and instruction quality in institutions across learner levels
  • 06. Inspire and accelerate research and knowledge creation in data science areas
World Data Science Initiative

The World Data Science Initiative (WDSI)

As the progenitor of the concept of subsidized accreditation in data science, DASCA was among the founding forces of the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI). Today WDSI is reaching out across dozens of countries with a vision of facilitating subsidized accreditation of hundreds of institutions in Data Science, Ai and Blockchain.

To actively support the aims and purpose of WDSI, DASCA offers its certifications and specially customized accreditation services on subsidized fee. DASCA is actively participating in many regionally focused accreditation and student certification projects of the World Data Science Initiative with the objective of creating a pool of 250,000 certified data science, Ai and blockchain professionals across universities and technology educators across 60+ nations.

Please write to us for more details on how you can leverage WDSI subsidies and grants to elevate your institution’s stature, upgrade your current curricula and offerings and introduce a wide range of new academic and professional courses and programs in data science. By applying for a DASCA accreditation under WDSI, your institution can also obtain accreditations from the Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) and Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA) , the world’s leading certifiers and accreditors in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain disciplines.

DASCA & WDSI – Equipping Institutions for Excellence

DASCA accredits WDSI recommended institutions in the accelerated mode and certifies their students on subsidized costs under an institutionalized mechanism.

Starting the Big Change

With WDSI subsidies reducing DASCA accreditation casts by almost 70%, institutions in developing nations now have the opportunity to come on par with their global counterparts.

The DASCA-WDSI joint efforts envision empowering universities with the wherewithal to deliver latest, industry-linked education in data science, that their youth need for great careers, and their companies and countries need to get globally competitive. WDSI provides subsidy to shortlisted universities for accreditation and student-certification by international standards bodies to help them get up to speed with global best-practices, curricula and educational standards, and expand their capacity to develop a large pool of talent in big data and Ai technologies.

Reaching the Next Level

Getting accredited by global standards bodies in areas like data science, Ai, and machine learning ensures consistently high academic standards. Under WDSI, DASCA now makes this easier, faster and more affordable. These critical tech-disciplines generally prove too high-obsolescence for universities to keep pace with, on their own. It becomes challenging for university departments to introduce new courses that will keep students ready to work on emerging tools and platforms that industry and employers expect them to.

Catching Up With Big Tech

WDSI-subsidized DASCA accreditation puts universities almost in the auto-mode, in which the curricula and systems automatically stay synced with the demands of the industry, as they are tied to knowledge frameworks of leading standards bodies in these tech-domains. Accreditation equips universities with the right mechanisms, systems, curricula, certifications and teaching-learning approaches that are constantly benchmarked with the best in the world.

Grab the Synergy Advantage!

Write to us for more details on how you can leverage WDSI subsidies and grants to get accredited and elevate your institution’s stature, upgrade your current offerings, and introduce a wide range of new academic and professional courses and programs in data science. By applying for a DASCA accreditation under WDSI, your institution can also leverage the synergy among WDSI sponsor institutions and obtain accreditations from ARTiBA, the world’s leading certifier and accreditor in artificial intelligence and machine learning disciplines, and CBCA, the global leader in blockchain certifications.

Data Science in Schools (DaSS)

The DaSS envisions transforming the very way we build technology leaders of tomorrow through equipping 2000+ K12 educators around the world for latest data science teaching and learning by 2023.

  • The DaSS-K12 Synergy – Nurture Them Young

    DASCA's Data Science in Schools initiative seeks to involve and engage 2000+ K12 schools around the world in embracing data science in exciting new ways. Under this initiative, while DASCA will share the latest vendor-independent data science curricula with schools and interesting learning methods, the schools will be helped in working with their teachers to build data science into the school academic programs - both, in STEM and non-stem areas. With a special focus on K12 schools in developing nations, the DASCA DaSS initiative puts emphasis on enabling all K12 students cutting across interests and disciplines develop a sound understanding of the ways data science improves their learning in the future.
  • The DaSS-K12 Partnership – Shining the Young

    The Data Science in Schools initiative plans an exciting combination of contests, events and certifications in many areas of data science and artificial intelligence for high-schoolers. The DaSS team has planned out effective programs to help fan out modern technologies like data science and artificial intelligence into the world’s K-12 schools to change the way children prepare for their careers and the future.
  • Data Science in Schools: Inside the Initiative!

    The Data Science in Schools initiative is essentially composed of five elements:
    • Making teaching and learning data science interesting and attractive through contests and events
    • Easing integration of data science in curricula through diffusion across existing courses
    • Action Learning through Hackathons and Olympiads - activities that will help them in undergrad admissions
    • Certifying high school students in various areas of data science - again, these certifications also help in undergrad admissions
    • Accreditation of schools under unique STEM-based model using portal-based process

The DaSS Initiative: Join in Today!

Write to us now to explore how your school can participate in this exciting initiative. Our team will fill you in on the wide array of exciting data science and artificial intelligence curricula and content you will get for various levels of students – from middle schoolers and up.

Once your school signs up with DaSS, we will share how joining this initiative will enable you institutionalize mechanisms in your school to get students closer to technology and understand what career paths they can pursue through data science, and what opportunities they will have in the future to apply data science at their job.

Signing up with DaSS will set off a chain of activities to equip your school for foundational data science teaching-learning in an exciting way using real-world examples and applications of Data Science through certifications, projects, course assignments, contests, Olympiads and online seminars.

DaSS Intitative
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