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How to Showcase your Digital Badge

Enhance your value proposition by promoting your credentials and boosting your online presence.

We are dedicated to equipping you with the necessary resources and tools to propel your career forward. With your digital badge, you can easily verify your DASCA designation(s) at any time, allowing existing/prospective clients and employers to view your credential status effortlessly. Moreover, the online display of your credential ensures that its validity is always evident to anyone seeking to authenticate it. By possessing a digital credential, you establish yourself as a distinguished expert in your field, providing a high level of credibility. The following are the guidelines to accurately reflect your DASCA credential status on social media platforms, in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

How to Showcase your Digital Badge
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Elevate your Profile with your Digital Badge

Your badge is a digital representation of your certification, skills, and qualifications that enables you to conveniently demonstrate them to your peers, acquaintances, or prospective employers. It showcases the following information:

  • The date you obtained the certification
  • The essential skills that come with the certification
  • The requirements for earning the certification
  • The efforts you put in to maintain the certification.
Elevate Your Profile with your Digital Badge

Steps to Share your Digital Badge

Upon meeting other requirements and passing the DASCA exam, a link to your digital badge will be sent to you via email. This link can also be accessed on your myDASCA dashboard. To find your digital badge link, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your myDASCA dashboard
  • Click "View Result" on the Home Page, then select "Share your Credential"
  • You will be redirected to our digital badging partner, CredBadge
  • Sign in to your CredBadge account using your myDASCA account's registered email, password, and DASCA Registrant ID
  • Click on the CredBadge URL
  • Select the social media icon on the lower left corner (LinkedIn, Facebook, X, website, or email).
How to Showcase your Credential on LinkedIn?

How to Showcase your Credential on LinkedIn?

The following are the steps to update your DASCA Credential on your LinkedIn profile's ‘About’ section once you have earned it:

Log in to your LinkedIn profile
Select the ‘Add to Profile’ section
Under ‘Recommended’, select Licenses & Certifications.
Certification Name: Enter the name of your credential
Issued Organization: Enter “Data Science Council of America (DASCA)”
Issue and expiration Date of your credential: Enter the credential’s issue and expiration date
Credential ID: Enter your credential ID
Credential URL: Share your credential URL
Select Save.

Showcasing your Credential on X

Updating your Bio
  • Log in to your X account
  • Click on ‘edit profile’
  • Under ‘Bio’, add details about the credential that you have achieved from DASCA.
Updating your Username
  • The username (X handle) should not include your DASCA designation. You can add your DASCA designation to the profile section next to your name.
  • Furthermore, an alias account that hides the individual's identity and does not reflect the name of the DASCA-certified individual should not have their designation included.
Explore Digital Badge FAQs

Note: DASCA encourages candidates to display their digital badges and credentials righteously and abide by the values outlined in DASCA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

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