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DASCA Data Science Knowledge Leadership

DASCA Data Science Knowledge Leadership

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) researches, designs, and builds platform-independent Data Science knowledge frameworks, standards, and credentials, and certifies individuals entering or working across the spectrum of emerging Data Science professions. The prime goal of DASCA today is to constantly strive to refine and optimize the numerous roles and jobs in the Big Data/ Data Science space into concrete, sharply defined professions.

DASCA credentials, approaches, initiatives, and programs work toward developing high-quality professionals to address squarely the challenging expectations of Big Data stakeholders internationally. Big Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, and Data Scientists credentialed by DASCA form the world's top-league of the best-bred Data Science professionals.

DASCA's credentialing philosophy focuses on sharpness of ‘perspective of industry and profession’ and the depth of ‘knowledge that builds’. At another level, professionals certified by DASCA also demonstrate a usefully clear understanding of the entire range of roles, functions, and responsibilities they are expected to dispense in the most challenging of Big Data problems and Data Science applications and environments internationally.

DASCA has kept its mission simple: to contribute to breeding leading-edge Data Science professionals for the international technology industry. DASCA-credentialed Data Science professionals bring to the table unmatched acumen and capabilities to anticipate and appreciate the need for deploying the latest of Data Science techniques, tools and concepts to manage and harness Big Data across verticals, environments and markets. Big Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, and Data Scientists certified by DASCA are fit for pushing the frontiers of information and decision science further.


Data Science Council of America

DASCA offers credentials along three of the most important profession-tracks in the Data Science space currently – Big Data Analytics; Big Data Engineering and Data Scientifics.

These certifications for Big Data Analysts, Big Data Engineers, and Data Scientists lend a cutting edge to professionals. DASCA-credentialed professionals exhibit a sound, accurate, balanced, and complete understanding of the concepts, tools and concepts through which contemporary Data Science makes the most of Big Data. DASCA’s platform neutrality and vendor independence blends nicely with the career–critical skills specialization requirements make DASCA certifications the world’s most powerful set of qualifications for Data Science professionals.

DASCA has a rigorous certification-testing system and credentialing mechanisms that assure employers that the DASCA-certified have indeed been reliably and consummately tested for their potential and promise of performance. While the training and exam preparation material ensures recruiters that the credential-holders have undergone world-class resources to develop their knowledge base, the DASCA–managed worldwide examination delivery arrangements lend highest levels of credibility to the entire credentialing process.

Quality and rigor

Big Data employers worldwide look for authoritative and demonstrated proofs that incumbents and candidates know well enough, the essentials of how Data Science helps organizations through managing Big Data challenges and opportunities. Recruiters also expect professionals to have mastered the most important Data Science tools, technologies, concepts, models and methodologies of harnessing Big Data. DASCA Certifications validate the promise and potential of professionals to hit the ground running, even in the most demanding assignments, roles and projects.

Neutrality–focused specialization

DASCA is the world's first–of–its–kind Big Data credentialing body that blends platform neutrality and vendor independence with an imaginative, skill–based specialization focus to serve and advance this rapidly expanding profession around the world. The Council spearheads a global mission to provide Big Data professionals across the world with the finest of international benchmarks and certifications that constantly increase their employability and help them grow effectively in the profession – in step with the advancements in technology. And in sync with the changes in the skill and knowledge demands of employers.

Research-backed knowledge

The fountainhead of the DASCA edge is the belief that Big Data management is not a new fad but a long–standing need of the modern world – a belief generated out of deep research on Big Data evolution through the years since 1944, when Fremont Rider scared the world by projecting that the Yale library would be 6,000 miles long by 2040! That is why and how the DASCA consciousness about Big Data remains solidly moored to the Big Data purpose rather than to its ever–changing technologies.

A robust framework

All DASCA Certifications are hinged on the DASCA Data Science Body of Knowledge (DASCA-DSBoK™) for Big Data Professionals – the most authoritative compilation of knowledge prerequisites internationally yet for Big Data professionals. The DASCA-DSBoK™ cuts through the clutter of role confusions, skill needs, and platform focus currently plaguing Big Data stakeholders and serves as a robust pedestal for understanding the framework of knowledge required for best–performing Big Data professionals around the world.

Constant relevance and dynamism

The dynamic DASCA-DSBoK™ ensures DASCA Certifications constantly retain their unflagging relevance, reliability, and impact across markets and amidst change. DASCA's deep repository of information on Big Data technologies and trends is founded on a wide knowledge–base of competence, skills, and perspective required for effective entry into, practice of, and growth in all conventional and emerging Big Data profession across the board. Indeed, DASCA renews, reinvents, and refreshes itself frequently – often even before the future decides to suddenly bend and allow–in a new disruption.

DASCA Certifications

DASCA Certifications for Big Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, and Data Scientists are the world's most powerful independent professional credentials today. Founded on the world’s first platform-independent and the most robust Data Science knowledge standards-framework currently in practice anywhere, these credentials validate most convincingly for employers how the education, training, and knowledge of DASCA-certified individuals turn them into the finest of Data Scientists, Big Data Analysts, and Big Data Engineers.

Based on the world's first, most robust generic Big Data knowledge framework – the DASCA-EKF™ – DASCA certifications validate and test credential–holders in over 30 profession-critical knowledge vectors along the five DASCA-EKF™ knowledge–essentials prongs. Nothing else adds a bigger, most international edge to the employability of professionals in the Data Science/ Big Data industry, that needs 7 million professionals in 2022 alone.

DASCA Certifications

Currently, DASCA offers six international certification programs for Big Data professionals and career-starters.


Value Propositions

DASCA's eminence as the developer of the world's most definitive credentials for marking excellence in the Data Science profession serves very well to all stakeholders –

Big Data tech-stables, Data Science professionals, Big Data training outfits, as well as business schools and universities breeding higher–grade professional talents.

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Big Data ERA

Big Data ERA

The 21st century alone has created 98% of all data that humankind has piled up since we started writing history.

In 2010, Google's Eric Schmidt estimated that the world created around 5 Exabytes of information between the dawn of civilization and 2003. Now that same amount is created every two days. The world definitely needs huge numbers of Data Science professionals – big data analysts, big data engineers, data architects and data scientists - to take care of such enormous amounts of data. The fact is that all technology domains and industry sectors are looking up to Data Science to guide them into the future. Software Programmers, Networking Professionals, Project Managers, Testers, and even Digital Marketers and Market Researchers are turning to Data Science for giving them a quantum leap in their careers.

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