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Data Science underlies the maximum versions of 4IR technologies today, driving human and machine decisions, initiatives and policies critical for businesses, industries, nations and individuals. DASCA stands right alongside leaders and stakeholders, empowering them with next generation bodies of data science knowledge and programs that help develop the next generation of versatile data talent who will thrive at the cutting edge of big data technologies.

DASCA’s bleeding-edge professional certification programs and groundbreaking institutional accreditation services catalyze development of a new crop of data engineers, application developers, data technologists, data analysts and data leaders who can work on frontier data science technologies, applications and environments.

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DASCA Certifications are among the world's most powerful professional qualifications today for Big Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, and Data Scientists, validating their readiness for the future, their strong base of generic knowledge, their capability to work on multiple platforms and technologies, and their agility in adapting to rapid changes in technology and demand.

DASCA certified professionals exhibit an accurate, balanced, and coherent understanding of the tools and concepts through which contemporary Data Science utilizes Big Data. DASCA employs rigorous certification-testing systems and credentialing mechanisms that assure employers that they have been reliably and consummately tested for their potential and promise of performance.

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Grooming Next Gen Data Talent

DASCA credentials, approaches, initiatives, and programs work toward developing high-quality professionals to address squarely the challenging expectations of the entire spectrum of stakeholders internationally. Big data engineers, big data analysts, and data scientists credentialed by DASCA form the world's top-league of the best-bred Data Science professionals. DASCA's credentialing philosophy focuses on sharpness of ‘perspective of industry and profession’ and the depth of ‘knowledge that builds’.

At another level, professionals certified by DASCA also demonstrate a usefully clear understanding of the entire range of roles, functions, and responsibilities they are expected to dispense in the most challenging of big data problems and Data Science applications and environments internationally – riding over the confines and barriers of platforms and proprietary technologies.

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Grooming Next Gen Data Talent
Grooming Next Gen Data Talent

The DASCA Edge

Rigor. Reliability. Relevance.

Employers worldwide look for skilled data analysts, big data engineers and data scientists with proven mastery of various concepts, tools, technologies, models and platforms. DASCA’s vendor-neutral and cross-platform certifications validate the promise and potential of such professionals to work on a wide range of analytics, big data platforms and technologies.

Neutrality–Focused Specialization

DASCA blends platform neutrality and vendor independence with an imaginative, skill-based specialization focus. We are leading a global mission to provide Big Data professionals across the world with the finest international benchmarks and certifications that increase their employability and help them grow effectively in their profession – keeping up with the advancements in technology, and the changes in the skill and knowledge demands of employers.

Research-backed knowledge

The core of the DASCA edge is the belief that Big Data management is not a new “trend” but a long-standing need of the modern world – a belief generated out of deep research on Big Data evolution through the years. That is why the DASCA consciousness about Big Data remains solidly tied to its purpose rather than its ever-changing technologies.

A Robust Framework

While DASCA certification curricula are based on a cross-platform and vendor-agnostic body of knowledge, DASCA’s credentialing mechanism conforms to the stringent norms of the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA) established by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence, United States. DASCA’s body of knowledge assembles the prerequisites for Big Data professionals, cutting through the clutter of role confusions, skill needs, and platform focus currently plaguing Big Data stakeholders.

Constant Relevance & Dynamism

DASCA constantly updates its body of knowledge to retain relevance, reliability, and impact across markets and amidst change. DASCA's deep repository of information on Big Data technologies and trends is founded on a wide knowledge base consisting of the competence, skills, and perspective required for effective entry into and growth in all conventional and emerging Big Data professions.


DASCA is a worldwide leader in data science accreditation with 200+ universities on the list of projects to be completed by 2025. Many of these projects are of universities recommended under the World Data Science Initiative for accelerated and subsidized accreditation.

DASCA's zero disruption, all-digital accreditation process has changed the rules of the accreditation game, requiring no campus visits by audit teams, reducing subjectivity biases, cutting down costs for institutions and taking the integrity of the accreditation process to a whole new level.

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  • DASCA Frameworks

    DASCA certifications are rigorously aligned to the DASCA body of data science knowledge and DASCA certification exams are conducted on stringent international norms of knowledge and skills assessment required by technology employers worldwide, and followed by global industry leaders.

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  • Expanding Opportunities

    Data Science produces business intelligence for corporations, government agencies, and other organizations. Data Science also fires up modern industrial systems, equipment, devices and technologies such as machine intelligence.

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  • Accountability to Excellence

    While DASCA service systems are globally managed by Academik America, a world-leader in credentialing services, its credentials and standard-framework hinge on ethical credentialing and govern on the paradigm of accountability to markets, industry and stakeholders.

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For All Stakeholders

DASCA works with every possible stakeholder and participant in the global technology value-chain to contribute to the development of future-ready Data Science talent.

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For Data Science Professionals

The power of the most advanced global qualifications.

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For Graduating Students

Certifications that lend stand-out employability edge.

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For Tech-developers and Users

Partner DASCA to streamline employee certification process

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For Data Science Educators

Get your university accredited or partner DASCA for training-provider opportunities

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DASCA Governance

DASCA Governance

DASCA's governance system, fabric, and practices guide its neutrality, independence and integrity as a global body of standards and credentialing in data science, and drive its research and initiatives related to certification of professionals and accreditation of educational programs of higher educational institutions globally. A number of councils, committees and groups with 70+ experts among them keep the DASCA system thriving intellectually and powering its contribution to academic and professional excellence in data science.

If you are a data-science expert with 10+ years of glittering accomplishments in data science or related areas, you may want to be a part of the DASCA governance fabric. Write to us to explore an opportunity to contribute as a professional.

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DASCA Certifications

DASCA Certifications are among the world's most powerful professional qualifications today for Big Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, and Data Scientists, validating their readiness for the future, their strong base of generic knowledge, their capability to work on multiple platforms and technologies, and their agility in adapting to rapid changes in technology and demand.

Currently, DASCA offers six international certification programs

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