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For Data Science Associations and Professional Organizations

The Data Science industry and professional organizations impact their nation and economy. Their big data professionals and members need to keep up with the latest in Data Science and can gain traction by becoming DASCA Advocacy Partners.

An efficient internal system and process can be established through which all data science members and professionals can be certified on DASCA global standards in Data Science. If there is a need, DASCA partner professional bodies can request that a Data Science competence or skills framework be customized by DASCA for their country.

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Please write to us for more details on the program. You can also apply directly by clicking here.

Take the Nation’s Data Science Talent to the Next Level

A considerable part of DASCA’s energy is dedicated to strengthening data science professional associations and industry organizations in accelerated and convenient credentialing for the highest of Data Science standards in the local industry.

Professional Data Science associations, Industry Chambers and Centers of Big Data Excellence stand to become the ideal DASCA Advocacy Partners. Together, DASCA and its Advocacy Partners assume the responsibility of spreading consciousness among business and non-business organizations about pursuing best practices in Data Science and adopting global standards. A variety of collaboration models, event platforms and publications are being developed to execute this strand of the DASCA partnering program.

DASCA actively works with its partners in the design, development, and introduction of their own, special national certifications, endorsed and co–branded with DASCA. DASCA partner professional bodies can also use their DASCA partnership to request data science training projects in large government and other non-business organizations. National data science associations can rapidly transform and enrich the big data talent quality in their local industry by partnering with DASCA and offering members convenient opportunities to earn DASCA certifications.

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Advocacy Opportunities

DASCA understands that achievement and fulfilment of its mission and vision requires propagating a consciousness about the importance of formal adoption of big data technology through adherence to global standards on Data Science. The DASCA Advocacy programs are as follows:

  • Data Science Talent Transformation:DASCA partner associations and professional bodies receive complete DASCA assistance in certifying their members. DASCA works with professional data science organizations and associations to scientifically promote knowledge, tools, and techniques of developing big data inside organizations. DASCA assists interested organizations with content and material on Data Science aligned with DASCA standards.
  • Adoption of international standards and benchmarks in Data Science: DASCA works with leading educators and professional institutions to facilitate learning, understanding, adoption, and compliance of the latest of Data Science standards. We have modules on these standards that can be effectively embedded in university curricula or other training programs. Quality management companies are encouraged by DASCA to learn about Data Science standards for enterprises.
  • Credentials and qualifications in Data Science: DASCA encourages individuals and organizations connected with Data Science to obtain relevant certifications and qualifications. There are several DASCA certifications offered to graduating students and young professionals.
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