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DASCA Education & Training Partnership

The training and education markets in data analytics, engineering and sciences is projected to reach US$378.7 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 16.43% from 2022 to 2030. Joining the worldwide DASCA education & data science training partner network accelerates the growth of technology, IT and analytics training and education organizations.

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IT & analytics training organizations benefit comprehensively from DASCA's stature as the world’s most reliable standards, accreditation, credentialing, and certification body in data science. DASCA Authorized Education Providers (AEPs) are exclusive official providers of preparatory training for DASCA certification exams in their countries and regions. The AEPs are actively supported by specialist teams in aspects related to branding, representation, marketing and policy.

Expand Your Influence

Not to be missed, DASCA authorized education providers are partners of choice for government and non-government agencies running large-scale training and certification programs for developing pools of data analysts, engineers and scientists. The opportunity to embed and offer DASCA’s vendor-neutral and cross-platform certifications in their current and future technology and analytics training courses punctuates the attractiveness of the DASCA authorized education provider program..

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Join the AEP Network…

Technology, software, analytics and IT training outfits – government, privately funded or donor-driven – all are equally well-suited for joining the DASCA Authorized Education Provider program and network. Consulting and other technology organizations with express linkages with data analytics can also sign up with the AEP program to start their own prestigious DASCA-powered data science training academies. The AEP program also presents an opportunity to large training companies in other areas to diversify into the lucrative and growing data science training market.

DASCA Authorized Education Providers get the rights to market and operate various DASCA certifications in their assigned territories. Furthermore, DASCA AEPs are authorized to expand their network down the line within their country and region and bring smaller companies into their fold for swift market coverage. They also get the first rights to participate directly with DASCA in B2B and government projects, and also help local organizations set up data science COE.

To know more about how your training organization can sign up with the DASCA AEP program, or how you can set up a new DASCA-licensed data science academy under the DASCA AEP program, please click here.

Specialist AEP Support

The DASCA AEP program ensures swift and disruption-free set-up and activation of AEP operations and new DASCA AEP academies. Training organizations can sign up with the AEP program at varying levels, depending their intent to start with covering one city or their country or a geographic region. The Academik America worldwide network is exclusively mandated by DASCA to:

  • 1Equip partner training companies with training designs, curricula and marketing knowledge required to service corporate clients
  • 2Equip partner government institutions with the complete knowhow to improve employability and talent development in data science areas
  • 3Help partner organizations activate bulk registration and certification of trainees
  • 4Help partner organizations conduct exams on the digital platform
  • 5Equip all partners with the learning and training content required for exam preparation
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If you are in Professional Training, you can join the DASCA Training Network

Big Data training companies or IT training outfits – government or privately funded – are ideally suited to become DASCA Authorized Education Providers (AEPs) and start their own prestigious DASCA–licensed Big Data training academies. Large organizations in other industries can also diversify into the lucrative Big Data training business by joining the DASCA Training Network.

All DASCA AEPs get the rights to market and operate various DASCA Certifications in their DASCA–licensed academies. Furthermore, these AEPs are authorized by DASCA to expand the DASCA partner network and bring smaller companies into their fold. They also get the first rights to participate directly with DASCA in B2B and government projects and may be nominated by DASCA to help local organizations set up DASCA Big Data talent development centers on their campuses.

To learn more about how to set up a DASCA–licensed Big Data academy and to become a DASCA AEP, please click here.

The Big 8 AEP Benefits!

Signing up with the DASCA AEP program connects training companies directly with the world’s most powerful data science standards body and the most demanded third-party certifications.

Access International Training Knowhow+
Add a New Training Domain +
Branding and Revenues+
Exam-Prep & Study Support+
The BRAND Advantage+
The MINDSHARE Advantage+
The KNOWLEDGE Advantage+
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