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How to become a

Certified Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE™)

Add the value that your resume and degree deserves! If you are committed to professional excellence and growth, the SBDE™ will put you in the league of the elite where you always wanted to be! If Big Data is an art, we are making you the master of it. The SBDE™ lets you pole vault over to the side that honors a select few, whose foresight in science establishes the norms to be followed in Big Data Technologies, such as Machine Learning and Factor Analysis, R and Hadoop integration and much more.

Take-off, on a learning expedition that encompasses of all the necessities that are a must-have for the rising stars of the Data Science Industry, leveraging DASCA’s Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™).


  • Why you should have an SBDE™ Certification
  • How to become an SBDE™

With every tick of the clock that you let go, there is prudence in gaining ground in Specialist Level Data Science. Don’t wait for the sentence to end and download our informa.

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