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With the world needing some 5 million Big Data professionals this year alone, it's a war for talent, not easy to win at all. Become a DASCA Corporate Partner, instead, and breed your own world-class, internationally credentialed force of Big Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Big Data Administrators. Right inside your organization.

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DASCA Corporate Partnership

The DASCA Corporate Partnership program is meant to enable companies operating in the Big Data space to become DASCA Corporate Partners and obtain a cost–effective, long–term solution for certifying their Big Data Developers, Big Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Big Data Administrators on the DASCA Big Data knowledge framework. The Corporate Partnership enables partner–companies to get their employees ABDA™, ABDE™, SBDA™, SBDE™, SDS™, and PDS™ credentialed fast and cost–effectively.

International teams belonging to the Academik America credentialing support network – the worldwide leader in business support for the credentialing vertical – have been mandated by DASCA to handle the Corporate Partnership program on its behalf. DASCA helps companies participating in the DASCA Corporate Partnership Program install internationally benchmarked Big Data credentialed workforce development systems built on the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™).

The two most critical partnership advantages include access to the complete curricular framework customized for the partner's organization aligned to international DASCA-EKF™ standards, and the DASCA international Big Data talent pool that facilitates hiring of the brightest Big Data talents right across the world.

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Please write to us for more details on the program. You can also apply directly by clicking here.

How does a Big Data Service Provider Benefit from a DASCA Corporate Partnership?

The new DASCA Corporate Partnership Program has been designed to help partner organizations achieve the following objectives:

  • Get Internationally Proven Big Data Training Curricula:

    A DASCA Corporate Partner gets access to DASCA’s internationally proven Big Data training curricula for over 30 different training levels and functions–all aligned to the DASCA-EKF™ international certification standards. This means the partner BIG DATA organization trains its employees effectively, can be sure of the impacts of the training, and gets its employees DASCA certified at its own convenience and at a fraction of the market cost!

  • Quality Big Data Training Content and Books:

    DASCA provides the Corporate Partner with all relevant content, kits, books etc. to enhance their training quality and effectiveness.

  • Access the International Big Data Talent Pool:

    A DASCA Corporate Partner gets automatic access to DASCA's international pool of certified and well–trained Big Data professionals. This access helps in hiring new teams for international locations or planning for back–fills or benches becomes far more convenient and cost effective.

  • Co–Brand With DASCA:

    Under certain conditions, DASCA may approve co–branded certifications and designations for Big Data Engineers, Administrators, Analysts, and Scientists of large, multinational Corporate Partners. This serves to add significant value to the workforce management practices of organizations and to their brand equity too.

If you are a technology company developing analytics, machine intelligence or Data Science tools, applications and technologies, a business intelligence and analytics firm, or a Data Science user-organization in any industry, sector, country or domain with a decent-sized data analytics operation, you will benefit from becoming a DASCA corporate partner. The Academik America worldwide network is mandated to help companies become DASCA corporate partners and equip them:

  • 1For convenient bulk registration and certification of current and newly hired analysts, engineers and data scientists
  • 2With global curricula for employee and new-hire (pre-certification) training on DASCA standards
  • 3With learning and training content required for DASCA exam preparation

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