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DASCA Smart Interfaces & Power Seminars

Whether we look at the Smart Interfaces in universities, or the Power Seminars for Technology Parks, Tech-Industry Associations, and government stakeholders that the Data Science Council Of America organizes – excitement and inspiration are the keywords defining them. We’re always looking at showcasing the frontiers of Big Data, and how they’re being pushed, ever so relentlessly.

DASCA Seminars

DASCA seminars have been conceived to get Big Data stakeholders together on varying platforms for an interesting and straightforward exchange of thoughts and ideas on how can Big Data be made to deliver bigger impacts on economies, employment, technologies, lifestyle, and lives of people around the world. While the Smart Interfaces in universities and institutions seek to push students into dreaming big about Big Data; the Power Seminars discard the monotonous aspects of Big Data for big-ticket decision-makers in the information technology industry and governments, and unveil high-impact possibilities of Data Science. DASCA seminars are about the unparalleled science of Big Data.

DASCA Smart Interface Seminars in Universities

DASCA Smart Interface Seminars in Universities

DASCA Smart Interface seminars are organized on-demand in university and b-school campuses around the world to expose students and faculty-staffers to the excellence in Big Data, and also to those exciting new trends and emerging career opportunities in the space. These seminars can be designed in online webinar formats as well, for different categories of student/ alumni/ instructor audiences. Quite a decent portion of a Smart Interface event is dedicated to discussing how students should go about preparing themselves for the very best of jobs and careers in their own countries, and of course, internationally. Local and international experts and leading recruiters form the panel of presenters of Smart Interface events. At times, customized career development workshops are also added to the agenda upon requests from host institutions.

DASCA Smart Interface Seminars – Some Themes

The following are some of the themes DASCA seminars are woven around:

  • Rise of AI And ML – Increasing Demand of Big Data
  • Augmented Analytics: The Future of Data & Analytics
  • The Future of Machine Learning, Data, and Predictive Analytics
  • The Science Behind a Great Big Data Career
  • Making Sense of The Metaverse Through Data Science
  • How Big Data is Driving Demand for Technology Skills
  • The Science Behind a Great Big Data Career
  • All Disciplines Lead to Big Data!
  • Data Science Careers for Software Engineers
  • Data Science Careers for Business students
  • Inside & Beyond Big Data – How Big is the Promise?
  • Internet of Things – That’s Big Data at Play
  • The Rise of The Industrial Data Scientist
  • The Data Analysts’ Roundtable
  • Real-Time Analytics in Big Data
  • The Hadoop Developer’s Seminar

You can also tell us if there’s something special you want to cover. We’re always listening.

Interested in organizing an Interface at your university or institution? Contact us

DASCA Power Seminars for Technology Associations and ICT Industry Chambers

The on-demand Power Seminar/ Webinars/ Podcasts organized by DASCA for technology associations and industry groups in countries sweep across a wide spectrum of aspects including competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and start-ups in the Big Data segment; talent quality, training, and development issues; certification and quality challenges; as well as requirements and opportunities of growth and trade in the Big Data space, among others. The Power Seminar events can be custom designed in accordance to the needs of an organization.

Write to us now if you want a Power Seminar organized for your local Big Data industry stakeholders and entrepreneurs.

DASCA Power Seminars for Technology Associations and ICT Industry Chambers

DASCA Power Seminars for Technology Associations – Some Themes

The following are some of the themes DASCA seminars are woven around:

  • The Big Data Industry – There’s a Piece for Everybody
  • Inside & Beyond Big Data – Leveraging the Promise
  • Managing the Changeover to Big Data – Challenges & Prospects
  • Big Data Entrepreneurship – Is being a Geek Enough?
  • Building the Data Science Talent pool
  • Big Data Start-ups – The Opportunities
  • The Big Data Value Chain – Where do we Stand?
  • Emerging Big Data Technologies and Products – Perspectives for Growth
  • The Role of Data Science in Sentiment Analysis
  • Big Data – The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition and Productivity

Let us know if you want us to work on other themes at here

DASCA Power Seminars for Government Stakeholders

DASCA Power Seminars for Government Stakeholders

Governments and multilateral organizations dealing with economic aspects surrounding Big Data always have a goldmine of experiences and knowledge to share. But equally importantly, their staffers also need to periodically tune in to the latest in the space as well. DASCA organizes on-demand Power Seminars for government and multilateral stakeholders to help their staffers explore new ideas on simulating more effective programs and policies for improving the local Big Data industry and enterprise and also establishing international quality Big Data workforce. These Seminars also give opportunities to decision makers on understanding how the government can leverage DASCA incentives to economically establish an internal system of creating a talent pool of certified Data Scientists, Engineers, and Analysts.

DASCA Power Seminars for Government – Some Themes

The following are some of the themes DASCA seminars are woven around:

  • Becoming a Data Science-Ready Nation
  • Data Science for Government & Public
  • Using Big Data for Development – Challenges & Prospects
  • Building the Data Science Talent pool
  • The Big Data Eco System – Policy & Planning Imperatives
  • Education, Training, & Certification in Big Data
  • Leveraging Big Data for Creating Employment Opportunities
  • Data Science and Public Policy
  • Security, Trust and Risk in Data
  • Implications of Big Data in Healthcare

Of course, we’ll be happy to include themes special to your needs and interests in our seminars.

Write to us if you are interested in organizing a seminar for your ministry or department.

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