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DASCA Governance

DASCA's governance system, fabric, and practices are designed to help it retain its independence as the world's first and the most robust third–party body for credentialing excellence in all present, emerging, and future Big Data profession.

of Governance

The DASCA Governance Structure has been designed on the paradigm of “Accountability to Markets, Industry, and Stakeholders through Ethical Practice of Credentialing”. A set of 9 different policies and guidelines that drive governance in DASCA have been developed on this paradigm. The tenets of Accountability, Industry-connect, and Ethical Credentialing Practice are enshrined in the architecture of the DASCA Governance Structure, which has an integrated group of Councils. These Councils are responsible for ensuring that all DASCA products and services are always designed and delivered on the basis of the needs and the voices of the players, markets, and stakeholders of the global Big Data space and its components and offshoots.


Framework of

The DASCA Governance System is composed of three key elements – the sacrosanct DASCA Charter of Governance 2015, which defines the DASCA Constitution; the Councils, Committees, and Groups; and the body of Policies and Guidelines. The current DASCA Governance framework provisions for 5 apex Councils - to be served by more than 70+ experts as members of more than two dozen global and zonal Councils and Committees.


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