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PDS™ – The Overview

The PDS™ by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is only for the truly accomplished and the renowned in the Big Data space. Big Data Science has rapidly earned quite a reputation of having the best jobs of the 21st century for professionals hailing from a wide range of academic and work backgrounds, and PDS™ is a celebration of your having arrived. As the world's most credible 3rd–party, vendor–neutral credential for eminent Big Data Architects and Scientists, the PDS™ is the ultimate stamp of professional class and leadership for them –the most powerful validation and proof of your acumen, potential, and promise for giving Big Data science a new direction.

Who does PDS™ Suit Best

PDS™ is one big snob of a qualification to hanker for, if you're a gray head with 12+ years or more of accomplished experience in leading Big Data revolutions in large, complex environments, with Graduate/ Master's degrees in Business/ Technology/ Mathematics or allied disciplines to boot. You'll be scanned for your contributions to pushing frontiers of information management in the organizations you may have worked for, and the leaps of faith, profitability, and market share you've left behind as a legacy.


Pre-registrations are currently open for the spanking new PDS™ version marked to the updated DASCA-DSBoK™ Ver 11-4.4 launching July 29, 2017.

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PDS™ Exam Fee: $ 820 USD

Program Pre–requisites

The learning scope, requirements, and rigor of the PDS™ program necessitates that individuals intending to undergo the program have a prior, strong formal exposure and knowledge of the basic concepts in Statistics, and are hand–on with the tools and techniques of handling problems of calculating central tendencies; dispersions and averages; permutations and combinations; probability; creating graphs, charts, histograms, and scatter plots.

Indeed, PDS™ aspirants should be also necessarily comfortable with handling databases and spreadsheets. Advanced knowledge of Statistical Analysis techniques and tools; exposure to analytics platforms like SPSS/ SAS; basic exposure to R; quantitative methods; fundamentals of object oriented programming and RDBMS; good exposure to working on popular/ common Big Data programming and analytics platforms etc.

Register Online

Register Anytime, Anywhere!

Besides the fact that we’re there across 178 countries, that you can register for the Principal Data Scientist Certification right on your iPad within minutes while having your morning tea does make earning a global renown a lot easier! You’ll have to just browse into the PDS™ segment on the DASCA website www.dasca.org and click on any of the Apply links on the page. You’ll be done within minutes, ready for making your case for earning the world’s most exalted, elite credential ever, for the most accomplished Data Science leaders and whizzes like you are. You can pitch for PDS™ anytime, 24X7, anywhere – and we’ll be listening to you. There are no irritating disclosures; no needless document submissions or meaningless personal questions to answer. Just one smart, short application form to fill out and send into us – that’s all what it takes to start your momentous journey to a qualification, which only a few of the very best of the Data Science minds in the world will be able to earn.

PDS™ Examination Preparation

Individuals registered for both DASCA Big Data Scientist Certification programs are provided with the full Official DASCA Certification Preparation kit to help them study and prepare for their PDS™ Certification examination.

This kit is provided to all registrants at no extra costs across the world after DASCA has approved their candidacy for PDS™, and their payments of the program registration fee is through.

digital badge

The Digitally Badged PDS™

PDS™ Credential amplifies your odds to grow in higher, more complex roles and job-profiles in the Big Data architectures and science via its digital badge by CredBadge™. Your resume being gifted with the PDS™ Credential, the global employers in the industry can easily recognize and relish your talent as a Big Data Scientist.

The Candidacy Tracks

Ways to Become a PDS™

The following table summarizes the specifics of what it takes to become a PDS™. There are THREE convenient tracks covering Big Data Architects and Scientists from diverse backgrounds and experience to earn a PDS™!

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Master's Degree in Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management/ Related disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    Minimum 12 years of experience in Computing/ Data Sciences/ Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Doctorate or Ph.D in Data Sciences/ Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence/ Time Series/ Predictive Analytics/ Prescriptive Analytics/ Data Visualization/ Data Mining/ Data Warehousing/ Enterprise Data Management/ Business Process Modeling/ Descriptive statistics/ Inferential Statistics

    Minimum Work Experience
    Minimum 7 years of experience in Computing/ Data Sciences/ Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence/ Research

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Master's Degree in Information Technology/ Computer Science/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management/ Related disciplines from any of the DASCA-recognized Institutions

    Minimum Work Experience
    Minimum 10 years of experience in Computing/ Data Sciences/ Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence

Getting the PDS™ - A Preview of the Journey

There are eight distinct stages of your journey toward becoming a PDS. Here's what these stages look like. Of course, we've just tried to take you through a quick tour, so many of the details may be missing. You may Contact Us for more information.

The PDS™ Journey

  • 1CHECK -

    Check if you fit the PDS™ candidacy requirements. Also check the exciting QualiFly™ program, which offers several privileges on convenience, validity, speed, and affordability to individuals holding degrees from DASCA-recognized institutions and universities.

  • 2APPLY +

    If you meet the PDS™ or QualiFly™ candidacy criteria, please fill out the online application form for the PDS™ program from your myDASCA account available on www.dasca.org. Click here to create your myDASCA account.


    Once you have finished applying, please wait for our acknowledgement response email with instructions for the next course of actions regarding assessments etc. Simultaneously, we also initiate the process for assessing your candidacy and to arrive at a prima-facie or a provisional decision about your fit for the PDS™ credential.


    An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the PDS™.


    Check your emails on the DASCA-registered mailbox for a communication from Pearson Vue. These emails contains your Authorization-To-Test (ATT) and Web Account details, which will help you to create your Web Account. Click Here, if you have your Pearson Web Account login information and the ATT details, and want to schedule your exam now.


    Post your payment confirmation, one unit of the PDS™ Certification Starter Kit containing reading and learning material is shipped to the address you have registered with us.

  • 7PDS™ EXAM +

    You get 225 days from the date of registration and successful payment to prepare for and complete your online PDS™ exams, which you can take in a Pearson Test Center nearest to you. The books included in the PDS™ Starter Kit should help you brace up nicely for your PDS™ Certification exam. Please read more about PDS™ exams in the dedicated section on the subject.

  • 8AWARD +

    If you qualify the PDS™ exam and meet other conditions laid down by the DASCA Professional Certifications Board (DPCB), you are recommended for the award of the PDS™ Credential and the PDS™ Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical pack of credential to reach you within three to four weeks of the date of the award.

Learning Coverage

Learning Coverage

Though the PDS™ Kit is designed as a study and preparation resource for the online PDS™ Certification examination, the books, lab handbooks, and other learning aids included in the PDS™ kit have been put together to help aspiring Big Data Scientists build longer–lasting sets of skills and a more penetrative Big Data perspective. The PDS™ Kit contents therefore seek to develop in learners, a strong and complete generic, as well as platform–based understanding of the concepts, principles, tools, techniques, and technologies of designing, developing, and applying analytics frameworks and utilities required for sharper information management and decision making.

Indeed, while the Wiley–produced kit has been developed around the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (EKF™), the idea behind its design, coverage, content, and structure is also to provide to aspiring Big Data Scientists, a liberal exposure to all important proprietary analytics platforms currently in vogue in the Big Data space, and concurrently, they can prepare themselves rightly for the PDS™ Certification examinations, as well. The contents of the PDS™ Kit straddle all essential knowledge areas – divided up into eight sections or modules.


Data Science for business Stakeholders

  • Thinking like a Data Scientist
  • "By" Analysis Technique
  • Score Development Technique
  • Monetization Exercise
  • Metamorphosis Exercise

Data Science

  • Difference Between Business Intelligence and Data Science
  • Data Science Overview
  • The Data Lake

Business Potential of Big Data

  • The Big Data Business Mandate
  • Big Data Business Model Maturity Index
  • The Big Data Strategy Document
  • The Importance of the User Experience

Building Cross-Oraganizational support

  • Power of Envisioning
  • Organizational Ramifications
  • Stories

Data Scientist Fundamentals

  • The Data Science Roadmap
  • Programming Languages
  • Visualization and Simple Metrics
  • Machine Learning Overview
  • Machine Learnning Classification
  • Technical Communication and Documentation

Data Scientist Essential

  • Unsupervised Learning : Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction
  • Regression Overview
  • Data Encoding and File Formats
  • Big Data Fundamentals
  • DataBase Overview
  • Software Engineering Best Practices
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Probability Overview
  • Statistics Overview

Advanced Data Scientist

  • Performance and Computer Memory
  • Computer Memory and Data Structure
  • Maximum Likelyhood Estimation and Optimization
  • Advanced Clasifiers
  • Stochastic Modelling

The PDS™ Credential Case

Credential Case

A certificate and a lapen pin are o'er bountiful to explicit exhibition of your credential. DASCA, however, enriches it with a booklet for Code of Ethics, along with the former two elements of your credential. Your PDS™ Credential certificate comes enclosed in a royally designed spectacular credential case, in consort with a metal badge and a booklet of ethics. This astounding credential case is yet another incentive for you to appear for and nail the exam with flying colors!


Pre-registrations are currently open for the spanking new PDS™ version marked to the updated DASCA-DSBoK™ Ver 11-4.4 launching July 29, 2017.

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