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A quick round-up of the latest DASCA press releases, announcements, news, and updates.

  • Globally Acclaimed DASCA Data Science Certifications Are Now Available in Japan
    30 November 2021

    Globally Acclaimed DASCA Data Science Certifications Are Now Available in Japan

    With the advent of the acclaimed DASCA data science credentials in Japan, engineers and business professionals no longer have to wait to obtain the global data science certifications.

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  • Data Science Summit
    14 September 2021

    MIT to Host First Citizen Data Science Summit on September 20

    Bringing together researchers, companies, and professionals to learn from each other and form new collaborations.

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  • DASCA Data Science Certifications
    13 September 2021

    DASCA Data Science Certifications Are Now Available in Sri Lanka

    The wait for acquiring the prestigious DASCA data science certifications is now over for technology and business professionals of Sri Lanka, the fast emerging South Asian island!

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  • AI and Data Science Conference
    07 September 2021

    2021 Ken Kennedy AI and Data Science Conference Kicks off This October

    Invited keynote speakers, Technical programs, Student poster presentations, an Outdoor networking reception, and more…

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  • DASCA Accreditation
    30 August 2021

    University of Rwanda First Institution in Africa Gets DASCA Accreditation Under WDSI

    The University of Rwanda becomes the first institution to get DASCA accreditation under the World Data Science Initiative.

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