Globally Acclaimed DASCA Data Science Certifications Are Now Available in Japan

November 30, 2021

Globally Acclaimed DASCA Data Science Certifications Are Now Available in Japan

With the advent of the acclaimed DASCA data science credentials in Japan, engineers and business professionals no longer have to wait to obtain the global data science certifications.

Tech-kai has collaborated with the Data Science Council of America (DASCA), a global pioneer in data science professional standards, to bring DASCA Certifications to the country for Big Data Analysts, Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists.

DASCA has tasked Tech-kai with controlling and managing DASCA certification registration, advocacy, and exam preparation training in Japan.

Tech-kai has the mandate to work directly with companies and higher education institutions to train and certify their employees and students on DASCA standards, in addition to offering specially designed data science and data analytics training programs virtually and through its centers. These programs aid students and professionals in their preparation for DASCA certification exams.

Kazumasa Ebata, CEO and Director of Pastoral Dog's Tech-kai, discussed the company's partnership with DASCA. "Our collaboration with DASCA will contribute to the improvement of data science education in Japan. We feel that adopting an internationally structured curriculum rather than an exclusively Japanese one and applying it to the manufacturing and service sectors will help Japan become more competitive in the global marketplace."

"We're excited to see Tech-kai well-equipped and ready to serve as DASCA's business and education partner in Japan," stated Jun Ohmizu, CEO of FBPP. "Its strategy, vision, and teams are capable of efficiently promoting DASCA certificates and providing exam prep training for Japanese professionals."

Aariya Goel, the Global Head of World Data Science Initiative who made the DASCA and Tech-kai partnership possible, explains the mandate further "Tech-kai is effectively DASCA's wing in Japan. It will provide Japanese version of DASCA certifications that have been translated into Japanese and will establish a nationwide distribution network."

"Tech-kai will play a critical role in connecting Japan's professionals and organizations to the most current global data science training standards and practices," said Kazumasa Ebata, CEO of Tech-kai. "Under the World Data Science Initiative, DASCA offers accreditation of data science and analytics programs in universities around the world, and I hope Pastoral Dog will harness and contribute to DASCA's efforts."

"I'm pleased that Tech-kai has already prioritized identifying, enlisting, and recommending Japanese universities and institutions with the caliber to be a part of the prestigious 44-nation World Data Science Initiative, which we at Academik America are managing," says Aariya. "Tech-kai will serve as a bridge for Japanese institutions to WDSI, through which DASCA will accredit their data science and analytics programs in the accelerated mode, as well as assist WDSI partner institutions in establishing CoEs in data science, analytics, and Ai,"

With Tech-kai leading the charge in Japan, DASCA hopes to provide the most up-to-date curricula, content, and programs to training companies and academic institutions across the country, allowing them to educate and train students in vendor-agnostic knowledge and preparing them to work across multiple data science platforms, ecosystems, tools, and environments.

About Tech-kai:

Tech-kai provided by Pastoral Dog Pte Ltd is a DASCA Authorized Education Provider in Japan offering Data Science training and certifications to technology, business professionals, and organizations cutting across diverse industry verticals including Finance, Supply Chain, IT, Marketing, and Management.

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