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Associate with DASCA to create in-campus capabilities of developing versatile big data analysts, engineers and data science professionals with vendor-neutral and cross-platform knowledge-base and skill-sets.

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  • Embody Excellence
  • Enrich Education

DASCA helps partner universities and training organizations create robust in-house capabilities for providing world-class education and training in data science, data engineering and data analytics.

Institutions approved* for DASCA accreditation under the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) *Updated till November 30, 2021

  • Altai State technical University
  • Zhejiang University
  • Warsaw School of Economics
  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Varna Free University
dasca accredited institution
icds international center for data science

Universities & Tech Schools

DASCA accredited universities, business schools, technology schools and government ICT academies are authorized to function as official DASCA educators. Institutions are under the process of accreditation also get the official DASCA educator opportunity.

  • Offer world’s most respected certifications in big data analytics and big data engineering
  • Enrich regular academic programs through DASCA knowledge framework and certifications as DASCA Institutional Educators
  • Join the league of institutions getting DASCA accredited to build world class data science learning capabilities in little time
  • Get the exclusive opportunity to fortify ongoing undergraduate and master’s programs in Data Science and train and certify students on global standards
  • Special candidacy and fee privileges for students and alumni of DASCA partner institutions
  • Leverage the prestigious World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) to get DASCA accredited under WDSI subsidy
  • Get the opportunity to establish a center of excellence in data science
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Technology Training Companies

Joining the worldwide DASCA training network can help a big data or IT training company build rapid capabilities of offering the world’s most widely respected certifications for big data engineers, big data analysts and data scientists.

  • Offer the most powerful DASCA international qualifications today for software engineers, technologists and tech leaders
  • Value-add DASA certifications to existing training programs, or create new training products around them
  • Gain access to state-of-the-art DASCA resources, content, processes and knowledge to train on global standards
  • Large training organizations with strong spread in their countries and regions can also become Business & Education Providers with a much wider mandate for handling DASCA advocacy, training, education and representation operations in their countries
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Businesses & Organizations

Technology companies need best-trained data science resources, while all other organizations need their employees and managers to be well-versed in at least the basic tools and applications of data science today.

  • Associate with DASCA if your company is a big user of data science with a reasonable count of tech workforce
  • Be with us if your organization consults in or makes products or delivers services related to big data
  • DASCA helps you quickly set up a complete training and certification system to prepare DASCA certified big data Engineers/Analysts and Data Scientists right within your facilities!
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DASCA Advocacy partner

Education Regulation & Standards Bodies

Education regulation and standards bodies, and industry associations can associate with DASCA to establish an efficient internal mechanism for developing world class educational and training curricula and certifying student and professionals.

  • Customize and standardize curricula, delivery mechanisms, competencies, skills and frameworks for a nation’s universities and training companies
  • Bid for and partake in Data Science training projects in large government and other non-business organizations
  • Rapidly transform and improve data science talent quality for local industry by establishing streamlined certification mechanism
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Partnership Takeaways

  • Expand and enrich your institution’s brand visibility by aligning with DASCA’s world-leading knowledge and credentialing standards
  • Establish a streamlined system of getting students, members and employees DASCA certified conveniently and affordably
  • Get DASCA accredited to systematize alignment to latest standards in data science education, and enhance student learning and employability outcomes
  • Establish a center of data science excellence in your campus
  • Access the high-quality knowledge and content built around the comprehensive DASCA body of knowledge in data science
  • Become a part of prestigious international campaigns like the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI)

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