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How to become a

Certified Senior Big Data Analyst (SBDA™)

The SBDA™ is your surefire entry into the world of senior data analysts. If you’re looking for that next rung that will push you further up your Big Data career aspirations, the SBDA™ puts you in the league of the big boys!

The curriculum includes the highly sought after NoSQL Databases, Factor Analysis and Machine Learning, Hadoop and R integration, and much, much more.

Choose to make the career move that counts and puts you in good stead. Internationally standardized, vendor agnostic learning, globally renowned certification that makes you a trailblazer, far ahead of the herd.

Flaunt your credentials with the SBDA™ digital badge on your portfolio and see the doors of the world’s biggest data science employers open up!

So just register to prove your mettle and hold your own against the best of Data Analysts. Let the globally acknowledged SBDA certification work for you as you plan your next big career move in data science.

No more scurrying around employer desks, download the informa NOW to know HOW!

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