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Exam Security

Given the importance of delivering exams in a secure manner, DASCA has security measures in place to ensure the highest integrity of exam content and fairness for all examinees during the delivery of DASCA Certification exams. Following are security policies that pertain to your exam.

Disregarding or violating the exam policies in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage is considered as a serious act of misconduct. .

Exam violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Cheating and/or suspicious behavior observed during the exam.
  • Attempting to record or capture exam questions or exam materials
  • Publishing the exam content on any public Internet site or distributing printed copies
  • Receiving or providing assistance during the exam
  • Engaging in misconduct during the exam
  • Failing to comply with any DASCA exam policy, and exam rules, as amended from time to time

Any of these or other violations that compromise the security and integrity of the DASCA certification exams, could result in revocation of your certification, permanently barring you from future participation in any DASCA certification exams, or both.

Maintaining the integrity of your DASCA certification is your responsibility. If you observe or are made aware of any of the above violations, it is advised to submit a formal complaint to DASCA by filling out the Malpractice or Ethics Violation Report Form.

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