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Missed Exam Appointment in Emergencies

Examinees missing a scheduled exam because of emergencies should directly contact DASCA to report the matter.

The following reasons for missing out on or not showing up for a scheduled DASCA Certification examination have been defined as acceptably genuine and deemed as justified for grant of Retake permissions if requested:

  • If examinees have been unfortunately affected by Covid infections, are under quarantine, or are facing immobility due to Covid-related restrictions or disruptions.
  • If examinees themselves or any of their immediate family members meet a serious accident or develop a sudden medical condition demanding serious attention.
  • If there is a bereavement in the family.
  • If examinees are summoned by courts, are drafted on juries, or are required for some urgent national duty.

Appeals for Exam Material

No appeals procedure is available to challenge individual exam items, questions, answers, or scores, including those that are deemed unsatisfactory. The DASCA Support team cannot discuss the exam material due to security concerns, rendering it inaccessible for review.

Candidacy Reconsideration Request

Examinees seeking to dispute any DASCA action or decision against their candidacy may download and fill up the Candidacy Reconsideration Request Form and send it to the DASCA support team for initiating process and action.

Examinees forced to miss out on their scheduled DASCA exam for any of the above-mentioned reasons are required to contact DASCA and request a Retake by submitting doctor’s or hospital certificates, etc., as proof of the emergency encountered.

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