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Abu Dhabi School of Management’s MSBA Program Receives International Recognition for Data Science Education

October 03, 2023

Abu Dhabi School of Management’s MSBA Program Receives International Recognition for Data Science Education

The Middle East is swiftly embracing technology and advanced infrastructure, outpacing even established markets, thanks to a regulatory sandbox environment. This positions the region as a worldwide hub for innovation. Big data analytics offers a substantial advantage by efficiently gathering and synthesizing extensive and varied data sets to enhance the decision-making process. The Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM) seeks to produce a new cadre of entrepreneurial managers equipped in the science of management who take the lead in innovating, improving, and enhancing their environments. ADSM has recently obtained DASCA accreditation for its Master of Science in Business Analytics program.

Dr. Abdullah Abonamah, the President of Abu Dhabi School of Management, shares his pleasure at the recent accreditation by DASCA. Dr. Abonamah remarks, "This accreditation recognizes ADSM’s MSBA program in the field of Data Science and business analytics. By achieving this milestone, the MSBA program now stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the world’s most esteemed institutions worldwide."

Aariya Goel, Managing Director & Global Head of Accreditation Projects under the World Data Science Initiative, says, "ADSM has the opportunity to adopt the highest standards in technology education at the university level through DASCA's accreditation. We are confident that this acknowledgment will expedite and comprehensively enhance the quality of data science education at ADSM, further strengthening its ability to shape technology education nationwide”.

DASCA’s commitment to accreditation helps institutions systematize continuous improvement in data science education and learning for students from diverse educational backgrounds. DASCA accreditation is granted after rigorous review and evaluation of various aspects of program delivery systems, leadership, strategic planning, infrastructure, quality of education programs, faculty credentials, and educational support of the institutions. The inclusion of DASCA data science certifications in the architecture of accredited programs ensures the development and enhancement of professional capabilities in data science professionals. To remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving field of data science and technology, ADSM is committed to ensuring that its students receive DASCA's Big Data Analyst certifications to add professional credibility and an international edge to their employability.

About the Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM)

The Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM), under the ownership of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, stands out as a distinctive business school in the region, with a primary emphasis on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Their overarching aspiration is to serve as a hub of distinction for entrepreneurship, leadership, and management by promoting the exploration and sharing of knowledge. ADSM is committed to nurturing a fresh generation of entrepreneurial leaders comprising exceptionally skilled graduates well-versed in the principles of management. These graduates assume the forefront in pioneering, ameliorating, and enriching their surroundings.


DASCA is making a significant impact in the world of data science education and professional development by setting the standards and providing certifications that shape the future of learning in this field. As a global leader in accrediting data science programs, DASCA has over 200 universities on its list of projects to be completed by 2025. Many of these universities are recommended by the World Data Science Initiative, which means they are eligible for accelerated and subsidized accreditation. DASCA-certified professionals truly excel in using big data in today's data science practices. 

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