MIT to Host First Citizen Data Science Summit on September 20

May 10, 2021

MIT to Host First Citizen Data Science Summit on September 20

Bringing together researchers, companies, and professionals to learn from each other and form new collaborations.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology – will host the upcoming Citizen Data Science Summit hosted in Boston, Massachusetts on September 20, 2021. The one-day event offers a hybrid structure of virtual and in-person attendance that will bring together creators of more accessible analytics tools with organizations seeking to grow their analytics capabilities across their distributed workforces. As the world seeks to rethink barriers to entry in data science, and individuals and organizations look to improve their decision-making with data, the event is a key step in the endeavor to democratize data science. The event will allow attendees the chance to meet and interact with peers and thought leaders from the industry, ranging from data scientists to professors of computer science at leading universities and technology vendors.

The event will cover a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Challenges in creating and supporting Citizen Data Scientists
  • Lessons learned in making analytics more accessible
  • Research that supports data science democratization
  • Tools for the Citizen Data Scientist
  • Demos from leading technology vendors

Several noted and accomplished speakers will be part of the event. They include:

  • Anhai Doan, professor of computer science, University of Wisconsin- Madison
  • Anthony Deighton, chief product officer, Tamr
  • Eugene Wu, professor of computer science, Columbia University
  • Michael Cafarella, professor of computer science, University of Michigan
  • Michel Tricot, CEO Airbyte
  • aNatalie Morse, senior data scientist at Torqata
  • Stefan Langenbach, senior machine learning engineer at Covestro
  • Tim Kraska, MIT professor and CEO of Einblick

DASCA candidates who want to attend this Summit are in for a treat – registration fee have been waived! Click here to register if you belong to the DASCA community.

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