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Enjoy Your DASCA Journey all the Way

The world's first and the largest credentialing services expert CredForce manages all the processes and logistics involved in delivered delight to DASCA customers, clients and business partners. Credforce systems, best practices and a globally distributed network are cross-benchmarked with leading customer service standards laid down by governments and industry associations internationally.

For DASCA clients, customers and partners, Credforce ensures the warmest, promptest customer support; smoothest, real-time connectivity across all DASCA partners; fastest global shipping of study-kits and DASCA credentialing suites; production of worldclass knowledgeware; provision of online learning facilities; management of online registrations, payment for all DASCA programs as well as pre-certification compliance audits and partner network management.

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Global Content Powerhouse in Technology & Science

With more than two dozen Nobel Laureates in its author panels, Wiley is the world's largest and the most influential repository of groundbreaking original content in multiple disciplines of Science, Technology and Management.

DASCA and Wiley have collaborated to develop the first ever knowledgeware on Data Science, verily decoding the definitive science of this rapidly evolving discipline. Wiley is the worldwide official content partner for DASCA, and has produced the DASCA Handbook and other resources for international use under exclusive permission from, and under arrangement with DASCA and leading global luminaries in Talent Management and related areas. These texts and resources are aligned to the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™).

Wiley produces scientific, technical, medical and scholarly journals, encyclopedias, books and online products, professional/ trade books, subscription products, training materials, and online applications and websites. Wiley is also among the largest global publishers and providers of educational material for institutions, as well as of official guidebooks and certification preparation material for almost all international technology innovators, inventors, educators, and exam & testing bodies.

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World Leader in Highest-stake Certification Testing

DASCA Exams are delivered by ExamStrong™, the world's largest and the technologically most advanced exam-delivery ecosystem. It has become the first choice of the world's most respected governmental standards agencies as well as for non-government and independent industry standards bodies when it comes to delivering their highest-stake certification exams for mission-critical policy programs.

ExamStrong’s systems, processes, technologies and policies exceed the extremely rigorous test-delivery standards laid down under the Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) norms that also conform to leading edge Portable Custom Interaction Best Practices. They have been designed and commissioned also in alignment with the most stringent of international testing, accreditation and credentialing norms – including those of the CLEAR, ICE, the NCCA and the ANSI 17024:2012. The ExamStrong™ team is composed of test-delivery experts with years of accomplished exposure to various aspects of TEI-based test-engine development; exam-integrity assurance; real-time proctoring, and backed by experience of over 50000 tests around the world since 1995 in a variety of modes - including real time, online proctored in the private mode, and the center-based. ExamStrong™ establishes exclusive, dedicated test centers for DASCA partner-organizations and universities upon request across 183 countries covering all major cities and business locations. Read more on ExamStrong™ here. If you have some queries for us, do write into us at exam@dasca.org

Specialist Digital Badger for Global Standards Bodies

All DASCA credentials - ABDE™, SBDE™ or ABDA™, SBDA™ or SDS™, PDS™ - come digitally badged, in addition to being carried on physical paper certificates. Replete of a secure and robust backbone, CredBadge's latest generation digital credentialing platform manages the digital badging process for DASCA professional credentials to ensure DASCA certificants, the highest quality digital presence.

CredBadge specializes in digitizing the most prestigious and high-stake qualifications and credentials issued by governmental organizations and those of leading global industry standards bodies, and educational institutions. CredBadge's SafeCred™ API cross-talks with over 1500 APIs of all leading and niche Social Media platforms and applications being used by global professionals.


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