Principal Data Scientist (PDS™)

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Leading Data Innovation

PDS™ certification is widely recognized as a significant endorsement of your expertise and preparedness to influence business, governance, security, research, social development, and education through the innovative application of the latest data science and analytics technologies.

Principal Data Scientist Certification

Why PDS™?

Earning PDS™ is an exciting, profound journey of shaping and sharpening your capacity to impact business and industry through innovative deployment of data science.

PDS™ proves and reinforces your stature:

  • 01.Showcasing your role as a peer-leading data scientist with an express potential to transform organizations.
  • 02.Establishing your position as a thought, idea, and technology leader in the community of data science experts.
  • 03.Highlighting your achievements as an accomplished architect and manager of enterprise-wide business intelligence systems.
  • 04.Demonstrating your influence on development and application trends in data science and technologies.
  • 05.Affirming your status as a growth champion who drives organizational and business outcomes through data science.

What does it take to become a PDS™?

An ideal candidate should possess a Ph.D., with a preference for those holding a Master's degree. At a minimum, applicants should have a Bachelor's degree in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Statistics, or any related disciplines.

Applications for PDS™ are accepted along FOUR tracks currently throughout the year ranging from 8 to 10 years of experience.

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PDS™ Certification Process

There are six distinct steps to your PDS™ certification journey. While at your fastest, you can complete it in 3 to 6 months, at your busiest, you have a year to complete the requirements for PDS™. Here’s a quick tour of what these steps look like.

PDS™ Certification Process
  • Choose the Right Registration Track
  • Create your myDASCA Account
  • PDS™ Registration Confirmation
  • Shipment of PDS™ Handbooks
  • Complete the Required PDS™ Assessment Milestones!
  • You are Certified

The PDS™ Learning Resources

Candidates who complete the registration process for the PDS™ program get two handbooks specifically created for them. The first handbook addresses topics related to enhancing analytics and big data processing capabilities within organizations. The second handbook focuses on themes related to advanced outcomes for data scientists, with a primary emphasis on business intelligence.

Learning Resources

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