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Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE™) Certification

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Well-crafted for Big Data Engineers Looking to Rule the Roost

Designed to catapult you on your data engineer journey, the SBDE™ certification keeps you updated with the latest methodologies and technologies offering first-class learning experience at all levels.

Globally Acclaimed

DASCA is one of the leading innovators in data science and big data widely recognized worldwide. Our data science certification programs have been ranked among the top 5 by the world’s most influential magazine, CIO. The DASCA’s SBDE™ certification takes you through a journey into the world of data engineer through the world’s finest and robust big data knowledge framework.

DASCA Senior Big Data Engineer Certification

Built on A Robust Knowledge Framework

The SBDE™ is based on the world’s first, and the most powerful Data Science essential knowledge framework (DASCA-EKF™) – a framework that validates SBDE™ certification holders in 5 essential knowledge dimensions and 30 core professional knowledge topics.

It delivers a deep level of technical knowledge across tools and technologies that world-class Data Engineers must possess to advance in their careers.

Robust Knowledge Framework
Learning Resources

The SBDE™ Learning Resources for Big Data Engineers

DASCA provides the official certification preparation kit for individuals registered for the SBDE™ credential. These learning resources help aspiring professionals become industry-ready and affirm their expertise in big data engineering. This DASCA official exam preparation kit consists of:

  • 01Printed SBDE™ Handbook 1: Foundations of Big Data Engineering
  • 02Printed SBDE™ Handbook 2: Advanced Big Data Engineering
  • 03Online Learning and Preparation Resources

Who Should Enroll

  • Work Experience

    Minimum 2 years of computing experience with proficiency in using Python/ JAVA or any other programming language

  • Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree

    In Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines


SBDE™ Examination Coverage

  • 12%

    Foundational Data Science

  • 15%

    Data Processing Framework & Hadoop

  • 06%

    Big Data Analytics Basics

  • 10%

    R and Hadoop Applications

  • 20%

    Analytics in Machine Learning and Ai

  • 08%

    Streaming Data Storage

  • 08%

    Streaming Data Architectures

  • 12%

    Streaming & Batch Data Processing

  • 09%

    Enterprise Data Analytics Implementation

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Professionals Work

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The SBDE™ certification process

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    Registration Confirmation
  • 04
    Shipment of Your Exam Preparation Kit
  • 05
    Ready up & Register for Exam
  • 06
    You Are Certified!

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