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Senior Data
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Best Suited for Data Scientist with a Compelling Vision

You’re a big data technologist looking to immerse yourself into data scientist roles. The SDS™ program designed for high-caliber technologists is among the finest in data science globally.

Senior Data Scientist Certification Program

Globally Recognized

Ranked among the top 5 data science certifications by CIO magazine worldwide, SDS™ certification program offers high-impact tech-leadership roles for data science applicants. Developed by the world’s finest industry leaders, the SDS knowledgeware provides a high-impact learning journey leaving you with an impeccable qualification.

Program Features

  • SDS™ Digital Badge
    Digital Badge

    The digital badge is an indicator addressing skills that can be verified anywhere online.

  • SDS™ Credential Case
    SDS™ credential case

    The credential case edged with a certificate and a lapel pin is a tangible recognition valid for a lifetime.

  • Digital Badge
    Online exams accessible worldwide

    Delivered among one of the world’s rigorous test-delivery ecosystems, ExamStrong, the DASCA exams can be taken from across 183 countries.

  • SDS™ Examination Preparation
    Flexi Learning with access to exam-prep content

    The DASCA’s synchronous knowledge framework is self-paced, crafted by leading global big data solution providers to meet the industry’s unique learning objective.

Who Should Apply

  • 1High impact big data specialist with over 6 years’ experience preparing to take on challenges as they move forward into leadership roles.
  • 2High potential big data professionals backed up with an undergraduate degree in management, statistics, mathematics, business, applied mathematics, marketing, and economics from an accredited institution.
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SDS™ Examination Coverage

SDS™ Examination Coverage

The SDS™ Certification Process

  • 01
    Check Eligibility Requirements
  • 02
    Fill Online Application
  • 03
  • 04
    SDS™ Certification Preparation Material
  • 05
    Taking the SDS™ Certification Exam
  • 06
    Digital Award

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