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Senior Data Scientist (SDS™)

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SDS™ is the world’s most powerful credential for professionally accomplished big data analysts and experts who aspire to stamp their data leadership potential and showcase their knowledge of the bleeding edge in data science.

Globally Recognized Credential

Ranked among the top data science certifications by global leaders, the SDS™ certification program is designed by the world's finest industry experts for technology professionals who want to become data leaders, data architects, and business intelligence experts. SDS™ knowledgeware provides a high-impact learning journey leaving you with an impeccable qualification.

Why SDS™

Developed around the most powerful Data Science essential knowledge framework (DASCA-EKF™), SDS™ powerfully proves your evidenced capabilities for designing and developing integrated data science technologies through innovative deployment of data science.

Program Benefits:

  • 01

    Aligned to the market needs of the most important global business regions

  • 02

    Adds a bigger, more international edge to your employability

  • 03

    Underscores commitment to the highest standards of competence

  • 04

    Exhibits a sound, accurate, and complete understanding of data science technologies

Learning Resources

World’s Best Learning Resources for Senior Data Scientists

DASCA provides the official certification preparation kit for individuals registered for the SDS™ credential. The learning resources contains all essential knowledge areas that give you a competitive edge in the Data Science field. This DASCA official exam preparation kit consists of:

  • Print copy of The Data Science Handbook 1
  • Print copy of The Data Science Handbook 2
  • Practice tests for SDS™ exam on the myDASCA candidate dashboard
  • Exam preparation guide

Who Should Apply

  • Work Experience

    4+ years in Data Sciences/ Computing/ Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence

  • Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree

    in Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management/ Computer Application/ Information Systems or a related discipline

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Key Highlights

  • High-quality Preparation Resources

    Candidates are provided high-quality exam-preparation resources for convenient and effective self-study.

  • Exclusive Digital Badge

    Candidates receive an exclusive Digital Badge to showcase and receive recognition for their achievements.

  • Online Exam

    Delivered on the world’s most rigorous test-delivery ecosystems, SDS™ exam can be taken anywhere at any time and are digitally proctored.

  • Digital Convenience

    SDS™ candidates can conveniently register for and schedule their SDS™ certification exam, and access policy resources and support on their personal and exclusive myDASCA digital dashboard.

  • Ample time to prepare and study

    Candidates are given 6 months for exam preparation with recommended self-study of 8-10 hrs/week.

A Few Global Companies where SDS™ Certified
Professionals Work

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SDS™ Examination Coverage

  • 15%

    Data Science Applications in Business

  • 18%

    The Functional Framework of Data Science

  • 17%

    Driving Business Through Big Data Analytics

  • 15%

    Building Pan-Organization Support

  • 15%

    Data Science Essentials for Data Scientists

  • 10%

    Big Data Analytics Essentials for Data Scientists

  • 10%

    Advanced Data Science for Data Scientists

Add speed to your journey of becoming a data leader by earning the most respected data science qualification - SDS™

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