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QualiFLY™ - Recognition of Institutional Excellence

QualiFLY™ is a proprietary academic excellence listing and ranking services tool of the global education management leader Academik America, deployed by certification, accreditation and multilateral aid institutions and agencies for deciding and distributing excellence-linked financial and non-financial concessions and relaxations for students and alumni of higher education institutions. DASCA uses the QualiFLY™ tool to identify institutions for their high potential to contribute to advancement of data science education and research.

Think QualiFLY

If you are from a DASCA-recognized university or institution, the process of earning a DASCA Credential becomes easier and faster for you under DASCA’s QualiFLY™ program. Additionally, QualiFLY™ makes your chosen DASCA credential more affordable for you!

  • QualiFLY™ brings down the educational qualification requirements for your chosen certification program.
  • QualiFLY™ eases the work requirements for your chosen certification program by a few years
  • QualiFLY™ makes your chosen certification program more affordable for you as well.

DASCA-Recognized Institutions

If you have a degree or a qualification from a DASCA-recognized institution or university, you’re one step closer to QualiFLY™ to your chosen certification program. Your institution can either be in the DASCA QualiFLY™ List 1 (Q1) or the DASCA QualiFLY™ List 2 (Q2). Both lists include institutions which are a part of DASCA’s QualiFLY™ program.


List Q1

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