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SDS™ Program Details:
Duration 6 Months (max.)
Program Fee USD 650
Eligibility 5+ years of work experience in IT/Analytics/Programming/Computing/Business Intelligence
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*Valid through June 2021
Senior Data Scientist

Best suited for IT professionals keen to lead data and business intelligence projects

The SDS™ certification is designed for professionals who are among the finest in data science globally.


Globally Acknowledged

SDS™ is ranked among the top 5 data science certifications worldwide by CIO Magazine. The world’s finest industry experts in big data have designed the SDS™ program for technology professionals who have to deal with data and business intelligence.

Globally Acknowledged

Built on A Robust Knowledge Framework

The SDS™ is based on the world’s first, most robust Data Science essential knowledge framework (EKF™ Release:11-1.3) – a framework that validates SDS™ holders in 5 essential knowledge dimensions and 30 core professional knowledge topics.

It spells out a number of strategic and business knowledge dimensions world-class Data Scientists must possess to grow in their career.

Key Highlights:

  • Aligned to the market needs of the most important global business regions
  • Adds a bigger, more international edge to your employability
  • Underscores commitment to the highest standards of competence
  • Exhibits a sound, accurate, and complete understanding of data science
Robust Knowledge Framework

What you’ll learn

Industry-Relevant Learning, Designed
for Data Professionals

  • 15%Data Science for Business Stakeholders+
    • Thinking like a Data Scientist
    • "By" Analysis Technique
    • Score Development Technique
    • Monetization Exercise
    • Metamorphosis Exercise
  • 18%Data Science+
    • Difference Between Business Intelligence and Data Science
    • Data Science Overview
    • The Data Lake
  • 17%Business Potential of Big Data+
    • The Big Data Business Mandate
    • Big Data Business Model Maturity Index
    • The Big Data Strategy Document
    • The Importance of the User Experience
  • 15%Building Cross-Organizational Support+
    • Power of Envisioning
    • Organizational Ramifications
    • Stories
  • 15%Data Science Fundamentals for Data Scientists+
    • The Data Science Roadmap
    • Programming Languages
    • Visualization and Simple Metrics
    • Machine Learning Overview
    • Machine Learning Classification
    • Technical Communication and Documentation
  • 10%Data Science Essentials for Data Scientists+
    • Unsupervised Learning : Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction
    • Regression Overview
    • Data Encoding and File Formats
    • Big Data Fundamentals
    • Database Overview
    • Software Engineering Best Practices
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Probability Overview
    • Statistics Overview
  • 10%Advanced Data Science for Data Scientists+
    • Performance and Computer Memory
    • Computer Memory and Data Structure
    • Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Optimization
    • Advanced Clasifiers
    • Stochastic Modelling

SDS™ Program Features

  • Digital Badge
    Digital Badge

    The digital badge is an indicator addressing skills that can be verified anywhere online.

  • Credential Case
    SDS™ credential case

    The personalized credential case is edged with a certificate and SDS™ designation lapel pin and a copy of the Code of Ethics booklet by DASCA.

  • Digital Badge
    Online exams accessible worldwide

    Delivered among one of the world’s rigorous test-delivery ecosystems, ExamStrong™, the DASCA exams can be taken from across 183 countries.

  • Examination Preparation
    Flexi Learning with access to exam-prep content

    DASCA’s synchronous knowledge framework is self-paced, crafted by leading global big data solution providers to meet the industry’s unique learning objective.

Who can apply for SDS™ Certification?

  • Work Experience

    5+ years In IT/Analytics/Programming/ Computing/Business Intelligence

  • Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree

    In Management/Statistics/Mathematics/ Business/ Marketing/Economics


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Professionals Work

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