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Accelerated Accreditation Application

For Institutions Applying Under the Accelerated Accreditation Track

This expression of interest is for institutions that already sport an accreditation from a premier international body like ABET or AACSB etc., or have been accepted for accreditation under a DASCA-approved global subsidy or assistance program like The World Data Science Initiative (WDSI). Information shared by institutions through this form is kept entirely confidential and is used only to evaluate and approve the candidacy of an application-institution for DASCA accreditation. The DASCA accreditation process starts only after approval of an institution’s candidacy for the accelerated accreditation. Submission of this form does not mark the starting of the accreditation process and does not entitle the applicant-institution to make any such claim.

Fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  • Is your institution accredited by ABET/ AACSB or by any other global body?*

    Has your institution been shortlisted in any subsidy scheme of the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI)?*

  • -
    Please mention your city/area code in case of landline number separated by hyphen(-)
  • I understand I am submitting this request in the capacity of a person who has been officially authorized by the management of the institution to work on/ initiate steps for DASCA accreditation of the programs mentioned in this form and that, representatives authorized by DASCA will require to contact me and my institution to take the process forward.

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