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Founded on one of the most robust Data Science knowledge frameworks – the DASCA-EKF™ – DASCA Certifications validate and test credential–holders in over 30 profession–critical knowledge vectors along the five DASCA-EKF™ knowledge dimensions. Nothing else adds a bigger and more international edge to the employability of professionals in the Big Data industry today.

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Why Should I get
DASCA Credentialed?

Because getting the finest Data Science jobs, or growing in your Big Data career today requires assuring employers about your capabilities, promise, and potential of being an effective professional. And that’s exactly what a DASCA Credential does! DASCA tests individuals along the world's most robust Data Science knowledge framework – the DASCA-EKF™ - to validate their knowledge in 30 profession–critical knowledge vectors before certifying them. And that's how earning an ABDA™, ABDE™, SBDA™, SBDE™, SDS™, or PDS™ credential can lend a competitive edge to your employability and growth.


Four Reasons Why DASCA Certifications Are a Must for All Data Science Professionals

  • Undisputed Credibility & Global Respect: The world’s first and only vendor-neutral Data Science certifications top-billed by leading global experts and publications

  • Proof of Cross-Platform Versatility, as they cover skill on all present and oncoming concepts in the science and engineering of big data systems

  • Rigor & reliability, because their award is governed by exam and credentialing standards that exceed the most stringent Federal and other national norms

  • Transparent, online verifiability, because all DASCA certificates are digitally badged

DASCA certified professionals are from more than 70 countries.


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QualiFLY to the world's most
powerful qualifications!

Alumni of institutions recognized by DASCA as academic leaders can register for their chosen DASCA certification under the unique QualiFLY™ policy. Acknowledging the high academic rigor and education quality of these institutions, DASCA permits special candidacy and fee relaxations in all its certification programs to those alumni of QualiFLY™ -listed institutions who have degrees in:

  • Information Technology; Computer Applications; Database Management; Software Engineering; or related fields
  • Management; Business; Information Systems; Marketing; MIS; or any of the allied disciplines
  • Statistics; Mathematics; Econometrics; Market Research; or similar quantitative majors

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For Graduates of Leading Institutions

Now earn a prized DASCA credential on privileged fee and candidacy terms!

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Big Data Knowledge

What Big Data Knowledge do you need to excel?

Joining the league of the world's finest Big Data Analysts/Engineers or Data Scientists starts with knowing what you should certainly know!

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Choose a DASCA Credential that works best for your career

We've got six international certification programs along three credential–tracks for the most in-demand professions today – Big Data Engineering, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science. Go ahead and find out which of these works best for you.

What's Best for Me?
DASCA Credential

"The rapid global expansion of the Data Science space keeps blurring the boundaries among the various jobs and professions in the industry all the time. Through the DASCA-EKF™, we want to fix perhaps the most irritating problem that passionate Data Science professionals and recruiters both experience – What should Data Science professionals really know to keep excelling in their jobs and roles? One thing that has really impressed Big Data experts connected to DASCA about our groundbreaking EKF™ is the fact that we've kept the framework smartly generic."

–The DASCA-EKF™ Development Group, Data Science Council of America
Learning resources for Data Science Certifications

Exclusive Study Resources

Candidates registering for DASCA certification programs are provided with study resources, exam practice questions and an exam-prep study guide exclusively prepared for them, and they are neither for sale in the open market nor available in book stores anywhere in the world.

The DASCA official study resources provided to candidates registered for DASCA data engineering certification programs include print copies of the Handbook on Foundations of Big Data Engineering and Handbook on Advanced Big Data Engineering.

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The DASCA Credential Packs!

All individuals who pass the exams and pre-requisites for DASCA Big Data Analytics, Big Data Engineering, and Data Science Certifications are awarded their certificates in exclusively designed credential cases. These cases contain a printed certificate, lapel pin, and copy of the DASCA Code of Ethics booklet designed to forever make you feel proud of holding your well-earned DASCA Credential.

IMPORTANT: The design and contents of these kits can change without notice.

DASCA Digital Badge

After successfully passing the DASCA exam, candidates receive an email link to their digital badge. Digital badges are tangible proof of the expertise gained during the certification process and are accessible on their myDASCA dashboard. Candidates must ensure accurate representation of their DASCA certification status on social media platforms, strictly adhering to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

How to Showcase your Digital Badge Explore Digital Badge FAQs
DASCA Digital Badge

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