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The SBDE™ certification needs to be mandatorily renewed every five years to continue the qualification and keep the SBDE™ credential current. DASCA sends reminder emails for renewal and you can log into myDASCA dashboard and register for SBDE™ renewal.

Please note that no additional training or assessment is mandated for renewal of SBDE™. Certificants require to submit on their myDASCA dashboard, a declaration of their professional development and learning efforts every five years to maintain their SBDE™ credential. In certain cases, certificants may also be asked to submit documentary proofs to support the declaration they make at the time of renewal.

Renewing SBDE™

Renewal of your SBDE™ Credential is a simple 3-step process:
  • Register for SBDE™ renewal by logging into your myDASCA dashboard.
  • Pay your SBDE™ renewal fee online from your myDASCA dashboard.
  • Complete the prescribed Declaration on Continuing Learning for Professional Development on your myDASCA dashboard.

The decision on ABDE™ upgrade is usually communicated within 3-5 business days. The SBDE™ digital badge is issued within 2-3 business days of approval of upgrade and the SBDE™ credential certificate is shipped within 2 to 3 weeks.

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SBDE™ Renewal – At-a-Glance

Renewal Code Renewal Categories Renewal Timelines Renewal Fee
SBDERU-1 Standard Renewal Latest within 5 years after the first award or the last renewal of the SBDE™ credential STANDARD RENEWAL Fee applicable before the expiry of the credential validity of 5 years is USD 250
SBDERU-2 Renewal during the Convenience Period Convenience period extends to a maximum of 90 days from the due renewal date. Missing Renewal within the Convenience period leads to deactivation of the SBDE™ credential CONVENIENCE PERIOD RENEWAL fee to be paid for Renewal of SBDE™ credential within the Convenience period is USD 300
SBDERU-3 Renewal/ Reactivation After Deactivation Within maximum 12 months from the date of deactivation of the SBDE™ credential. Missing Renewal within the Reactivation window leads to suspension of the SBDE™ credential CREDENTIAL REACTIVATION fee to be paid for Reactivation of a deactivated SBDE™ credential is USD 350
SBDERU-4 Renewal/ Revival After Suspension Within maximum 60 days from the date of suspension of the SBDE™ credential. Missing Renewal within the Revival window leads to a summary cancellation and permanent expiry of the SBDE™ credential CREDENTIAL REVIVAL fee to be paid for Revival/ Renewal of a suspended SBDE™ credential is USD 400

Note: The renewed credential validity is five years from the date of renewal.

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