Through this factsheet, big data enthusiasts can gain actionable insights into emerging opportunities for employment in the digital economy, along with know-how on the skill sets needed by professionals. This report unfolds a 2019 review and reveals 2020 opportunities. In this research paper, we have looked at five clusters in the data science and big data profession across seven industries making an impact on global economic growth. The factsheet 2020 on data science reports a figure of 400,000 new jobs over the 2018–2019 period.

The ballooning effect in the adoption of new technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain and Cloud is giving rise to greater demand for data science professionals. Industry 4.0 acceleration adds to the importance of human and machine collaboration in the digital economy.

In this factsheet, you will find :

  • The current state of data science jobs

  • Trends of 2019 that are likely to shape the trends of 2020

  • What to expect in 2020

  • Top data science tools

The factsheet is a must-read for :

  • Data science enthusiasts

  • Talent planners

  • HR managers

  • Jobseekers

*Note: The facts and forecasts presented are of a general nature and do not constitute the possible shift triggered by COVID-19 crisis.

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