Big Data Salaries


Big Data Salaries

Big Data Salaries

The Insight graphic presented below is a DASCA projection of the global average salaries per annum in the Big Data space. Indeed, as expected, there are wide-ranging variances across geographies and recruiter levels, and hence what we have presented here are ranges of salaries to be expected. These figures here are a result of extensive DASCA studies over the past five years on Big Data compensation trends worldwide, combined with several other equally invaluable surveys researches and analysis featured in the newsletters, papers, blogs, and websites of organizations and platforms like the Information Week, KD Nuggets, McKinsey Leadership Institute, BurtchWorks, Accenture, Glassdoor, and Data Jobs.

It is highly recommended that the figures presented here should be treated only as indicative of the most likely trends in salaries, rather than be interpreted as absolute facts, which anyways, a range may never be.

Big Data salaries

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