Big Data Talent Shortage In US


Big Data Talent Shortage In US

Big Data Talent Shortage In US

The terms Data Analyst and Data Scientist haven’t found their respective places in the industry standards usage. These profiles are complementary to no role around the world. Across the verticals of industry and various sectors of the economy in the Big Data space- the projection of the average salaries per year globally, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis came out with a comparative analysis. DASCA adapts the results into a graphical representation which are really insightful and informative.

On an average, Hadoop SMEs earns around $156,000, Hadoop software engineer earns around $120,000, and Hadoop developer earns around $100,000 per annum. $112,000, $102,000, and $126,000 are the yearly earnings of the Hadoop engineer, software security architect, and Big Data architect respectively. Hadoop engineer, Big Data engineer, and senior java Data engineer will add $88,000, $107,000, and $101,000 respectively to their bank balances every year. As for the Database engineer architect, stack developer, and Data scientist- a whopping $127,000, $108,000, and $102,000 belong to them per year, respectively. Last slot but not the least in their earnings per year, cloud architect consultant manager and Data engineer will make $99,000 and $93,000 respectively.

Big Data Talent Shortage In US

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