Dark Knowledge, but Shining


Dark Knowledge, but Shining

shining-storiesNick Anderson had actually arrived quite early on the Big Data show–in late 80s.

With a doctorate in game theoretic applications in knowledge pricing, he swore by the potential of the Dark Knowledge theory invented by Geoffrey Hinton (yes, yes, the Google AI guy!). In 2010, Nick advised the team of some gangly Data Science geeks at GE working to build the ambitious new Industrial Internet. Two years later, GE finally launched its software to help airlines and railroads move their data to the cloud, and connect its machines and plants in real time to increase efficiency and reduce downtime. Nick was on cloud nine, really. A fresh new ground had been broken, and how. Of course, PDS™ is exactly for Big Data bosses like Nick. We're proud of you, Mr. Anderson!

Disclaimer: The theme, context, and subject underlying this message are factual. The image/ graphic used here is only for effect and published with permission. Nick Anderson is not the real name of the individual featured in the story. DASCA strictly protects and closely guards the identity of all its clients and customers, and does not reveal their names, pictures, or any other personal or professional information in any of its marketing or advocacy communication.

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Brought to you by DASCA
Brought to you by DASCA

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