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Meet the Anaconda

Big Data Stories

Even as the impacts of Big Data on our lives keep stunning us unrelentingly, there’s a huge, crazy world of the Data Science geeks who make this magic happen. DASCA unravels exciting, unheard-of, stories here, plot, by plot!

Meet the Anaconda

Meet the AnacondaHis bulging left arm isn't for the fainthearted. A graduate of the State Engineering University of Yerevan, Yuri Balendin is on the SBDE™.

He can be easily confused for an NBA hop who never misses his air shots. But he hasn't ever played basketball, though he did kick some soccer around in school, alright. Programming, instead has been his tallest love. When Yuri rolls up his sleeves, a menacing eye of an anaconda glints at you with hunger. For many girls in his company, this is the literal eye candy on Yuri's six feet three frame. Yuri, honestly, wanted a Python, and his tattoo–artist girlfriend cheekily gift–painted him an anaconda! A Python addict working as a software engineer with an Armenian company, Yuri has fallen in love with this piece of art and is in pursuit of a career in Big Data engineering. “I am incubating an IoT (Internet of Things) hotshop”, he says with a glint in his eyes. Good luck Yuri.

Disclaimer: The theme, context, and subject underlying this message are factual. The image/ graphic used here is only for effect. The name of the individual mentioned here is changed. DASCA strictly protects and closely guards the identity of all its clients and customers, and does not reveal their names, pictures, or any other personal or professional information in any of its marketing or advocacy communication.

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