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Big Data Analytics- The Many Names


A quick news roundup on the movers and shakers from the big and exciting world of Big Data.

Big Data Analytics- The Many Names

The corporate world’s appetite for advanced analytics tools and techniques is translating salaries for the Big Data professionals. While the demand for Big Data professionals is growing in the hypercompetitive marketplace, the rate of confusion has also increased about the Big Data job titles and salaries. This infographic will certainly help you to find out the ideal job role, especially if you’re an aspiring Data scientist. There are a number of roles revolving around Big Data and analytics. If you want to work with Data, you’ll find myriad job roles while searching for the job- Business Consultant, Solution architect- but, the salaries and job descriptions are not always clear.

Salary for different roles range from $20,000- $140,000 USD. The salary for the role of analytics consultant and BL ranges from $130,000 - $140,000- which is maximum among the given job titles followed by Solution engineer, architect, and Big Data analysts. Salaries at the US with the job title metrics and analysts specialist and business consultant ranges from $90,000-$100,000. Though the expertise and vision will always play an integral role in getting the right job title, this graphical representation will undoubtedly provide a blueprint for all those who are looking for a concise salary report in the Data science field. Take a look-

Big Data Analytics JOB Titles & Salaries

Big Data Analytics The Many Names

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