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  • The Double Whammy

    The Double Whammy

    A PhD in Mathematics, Dr. Christopher Afolabi is now an expert in Decision...

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  • Ten Dreamers of Bengaluru

    Ten Dreamers of Bengaluru

    Nine others in his band are full geeks. But Mayank Jaysimha is three quarters...

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  • Red, But Hot Too!

    Red, But Hot Too!

    His English is only a tad better than Mr Obama's Mandarin. But his command...

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  • Meet the Anaconda

    Meet the Anaconda

    His bulging left arm isn't for the fainthearted. A graduate of the State...

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  • Dark Knowledge, but Shining

    Dark Knowledge, but Shining

    Nick Anderson had actually arrived quite early on the Big Data show–in late...

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  • Afia. Ji. Chloe & ABDE™

    Afia. Ji. Chloe & ABDE™

    They come from three corners of the world, and yet don't know each other...

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