Big data Value Potential


Big data Value Potential

Big data Value Potential

Extensive studies by DASCA (Data Science Council of America) were made on the penetration and expansion of Big Data and their usage across various sectors of the economy as well as across different verticals of the industry. Analysis combined with equally valuable surveys and researches indicate the usage trend across various industries. These studies also attempted to determine industries that had a high competitive intensity to adopt Big Data and therefore higher the Big Data value potential. Big Data Analytics usage survey across industries showed that the Banking sector employed the Big Data Analytics usage strategy the most, at a staggering 45%.

While about half of the Big Data usage pie is dominated by the banking sector, the technology industry had a 15% share. The sector that followed the IT industry closely is the healthcare sector that uses 12% of the entire Big Data Analytics usage. Consumer Industry came at a close fourth, with this vertical employing about 10% of the entire Big Data Analytics usage. Energy and Manufacturing Sector, both stood at 9% of the usage. The research also showed the ability across the sectors to own Big Data access and Analytics with Finance, Retail and Real Estate having the highest competitive intensity to adopt Big Data while the Healthcare and Public Sector having the lowest.

Big Data Analytics- Usage Across Industries

Sectoral Use

SOURCE: DASCA Big Data Career Survey 2015

Big Data Case Of Capture

Reflects ability to own or access data and analytics

Sectoral Use

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